More than Treading…

Froglix has recently received word that the Treading Lemmings, fresh off their righteous gig at Philadelphia’s Hard Rock Cafe (photo above), are putting the finishing touches on some new material.  Front man Christopher Quinn tells us that they are on track to have at least (4) new songs completed by summer’s end and we, of course, are rather looking forward to taking a listen.  No doubt they’ll be solid as we’ve come to expect nothing less from them.  (No pressure gentlemen).



2 responses to “More than Treading…”

  1. Misty Avatar

    I can’t wait to hear the new stuff from the Treading Lemmings. I hope to hear it live soon – hint, hint.

    1. Quinn Avatar

      Misty – Whoever you are WHERE-ever you are, I’m sure we’d love to come play for you. Anyone with such impeccable taste in music….