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Flashback :: Violent Femmes

The consummate  forerunners of folk-punk, Violent Femmes began with the formation of their rhythm section consisting of Brian Ritchie on bass and Victor DeLorenzo on percussion.  Gordon Gano (singer/guitarist) would join later, completing the trio that would eventually be discovered by the Pretenders who, back in 1981, were playing the Oriental Theatre in the Femmes home town of Milwaukee, WS.

As the story goes, the Femmes were playing out on the street (which they did a lot)  in front of the theater and were invited by Chrissy Hynde to play an acoustic set after the opening band.  They did just that and the rest is history.  Soon after they recorded their break through, debut album that included songs that would clearly define the bands early years, ‘Blister in the Sun’, ‘Add it Up’, ‘Kiss Off’ and ‘Gone Daddy Gone’.    Almost  ten (10) years and one brief break up later, they released their album 3 which produced what would be their next hit, albeit a minor, ‘American Music’ featured in the video above.

The Femmes enjoyed quite a long run on the alternative music scene but, alas, all things must come to an end and for them the end was 2009.  After disputes over song rights and a desire to pursue other musical interests, Gano announced that they were done as band.   However, for this week, Flashback celebrates the simplistic genius that was and is the Violent Femmes.

– Drago

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More than Treading…

Froglix has recently received word that the Treading Lemmings, fresh off their righteous gig at Philadelphia’s Hard Rock Cafe (photo above), are putting the finishing touches on some new material.  Front man Christopher Quinn tells us that they are on track to have at least (4) new songs completed by summer’s end and we, of course, are rather looking forward to taking a listen.  No doubt they’ll be solid as we’ve come to expect nothing less from them.  (No pressure gentlemen).


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Flashback :: The Grapes of Wrath

I can’t prove it but I’m pretty sure it’s the same dude playing all three instruments…check that…it’s just the same hair.  Regardless, The Grapes of Wrath were one of Canada’s most successful indie/folk/rock bands from the time they formed in British Columbia in 1983 until they broke up in 1992.  This particular track,  “O Lucky Man” was a big hit on the college scene back in the day.  It’s a bit overcast here in the Washington, DC so I figured some sparkly guitar and harmonious lyrics would liven up the place a bit.  Whether it’s sunny, cloudy or coming down in buckets wherever you are in the world…happy Monday, my friends.  Enjoy!

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Breathe in the Seoul

genre: indie-pop | jazz | rock
label: Seoul Song Records

listen now…
Happy :: Weight :: Africa :: Ready

Ah…The Breathing from Seoul, Korea.  This a band that has been on our radar for a little while now and once you hear them you’ll know why. Sunny Kang (vox), Mitch Auvenshine (guitar), Andi Roselund (bass), Won Shik Lee (drums), Michael Richardson (piano), and Johnny Song (electronics) have melded their rock, pop and jazz roots and transformed them into a contemporary indie sound that is pleasing to the ears and warms the soul.  Vibrant, creative and full of divine resonance.

– Drago

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Just In Time for the Weekend – OuterSound

OuterSound podcast
Yes indeedy! After a brief (and quite productive) hiatus Froglix is back with a brand new installment of OuterSound. Experience true indie music at it’s finest! In this episode we are featuring tracks (in order of appearance) from The Skylife (Vancouver, CAN), Blair Lott Band (Atlanta, GA), Killer Godzilla (Newcastle, GBR), Diversifyd (San Marcos, CA), Variety Workshop (Tampa, FL), Weather Pending (San Francisco, CA), Tieweb (Arlington, VA), Auresia (Montreal, CAN), Kirsten DeHaan (Woodstock, NY) and Attack Ships on Fire (Portland, OR).

OuterSound – March 2010

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London's Capelle and Their Cool Vibe

genre: electro | alt-rock
label: unsigned

CapelleWhat happens when a classic 60’s/70’s vibe collides with indie-alt-rock?  Capelle happens.  These blokes from London beautifully mix hard rock guitars with urban beats and vibrant vocals. The result is a brilliant new disc entitled Money Now, Money How, Money When.  One of the things that we are constantly on the look out for here at Froglix is the “it” factor.  However, the “it” factor can be different things to different people.  For us, it’s talented musicians with a truly unique sound that can translate equally well both in studio and on stage.  Nic Capelle (lead vocals) and his compadres (Fotis – lead guitar, Quinton – bass, Kris – drums, and Sven – backing vocals and keys) really do pull “it” off smashingly well.  In addition to the teaser video above, we have included (2) additional tracks to the global broadcast. While we really dig Capelle, we’d much rather hear what you think.


Upcoming Shows

Nov 19 2009 7:00P
Sound London, London and South East
Dec 3 2009 6:00P
The Goodship London, London and South East
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America Rocks with Monty

MontyGenre: folk | alt-rock
Label: Space Poet

listen now…
Richard Shouldn’t Play With Dead Things
America Rocks
Butterflies In Heaven

Singer/song writer Monty Milne’s most recent release from Space Poet Publishing, a (5) song EP  entitled Rock Stars Don’t Eat Cookies, blends the best of his classic rock influences (The Who, Hendrix, et al) with contemporary indie.  Milne’s vocals are comparable to those of front man Matt Talbot (Hum) in that they both emphasize the true nature of their voices versus covering them up with lots of compression and reverb. Like Talbot, Milne’s delivery is an honest one and, while they may share similar vocal styles, that’s where the likeness ends, as musically, they are light years apart.  Monty favours a folk-rock approach to his music over the metal fringed space-rock that was synonymous with Hum.  As for the tracks selected for broadcast, “America Rocks” is an ode, of sorts, touting the good things about the US which is somewhat refreshing given our current political/economic climate.  “Richard Shouldn’t Play With Dead Things” exhibits an interesting dissonant quality during the verses, while the chorus brings you back in with a simple, yet brilliant, hook.  “Butterflies In Heaven” has boppy rhythm from start to finish that compliments the other (2) tracks quite nicely.  At present, Mr. Milne is hard at work writing and recording a new CD.  We look forward to hearing The Lion when it’s released later this year or early next.

– Drago

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Symphony of Nine

Genre: alternative | rock
Label: indie

So9 perform live at Rock 95’s Local and Loud competition.

Symphony of Nine_playingIt seems that every week we are receiving more and more submissions for our neighbors to the north.  Toronto, Canada has become a veritable hot spot for independant music and is home to some excellent indie bands currently in rotation here at Froglix so it’s only fitting that we add another one to the mix this week.  Talyor Brown, Giovani Agostini, Scott Dion Brown, Colin Campbell and Radek Macczny are the lads that make up the newest addition to the broadcast, Sypmhony of Nine.  So9’s most recent disc, aptly titled Radio, is a captivating blend of raucus guitar riffs (‘Paralyze’ and ‘Dance Club Superstar’), pulsating rhythyms, phat bass lines, perfectly placed keys (‘Sariah In C Minor’) and gritty/powerful vocals exuding a raw energy that hearkens back to something reminiscent of Live’s Mental Jewelry disc. Good song writing, in turn, translates into an excellent performance when put in the hands of talented musicians. Fortunately, So9 delivers all of the above.



The Emergence of Indie Culture

What does it really mean to be “indie”?  For a word that is thrown around so frequently in this day and age it has become quite challenging to distinguish fact from faux.  Christel Loar from writes an interesting review of Kaya Oakes’ Slanted and Enchanted: The Evolution of Indie Culture (June 2009, Paperback, 256 pages, $14.00) in which she looks at how the author incorporates her own personal experiences with academic information in her attempt to discern if “indie” is a movement, lifestyle, fashion statement, some, none or all of the above.