America Rocks with Monty

MontyGenre: folk | alt-rock
Label: Space Poet

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Richard Shouldn’t Play With Dead Things
America Rocks
Butterflies In Heaven

Singer/song writer Monty Milne’s most recent release from Space Poet Publishing, a (5) song EP  entitled Rock Stars Don’t Eat Cookies, blends the best of his classic rock influences (The Who, Hendrix, et al) with contemporary indie.  Milne’s vocals are comparable to those of front man Matt Talbot (Hum) in that they both emphasize the true nature of their voices versus covering them up with lots of compression and reverb. Like Talbot, Milne’s delivery is an honest one and, while they may share similar vocal styles, that’s where the likeness ends, as musically, they are light years apart.  Monty favours a folk-rock approach to his music over the metal fringed space-rock that was synonymous with Hum.  As for the tracks selected for broadcast, “America Rocks” is an ode, of sorts, touting the good things about the US which is somewhat refreshing given our current political/economic climate.  “Richard Shouldn’t Play With Dead Things” exhibits an interesting dissonant quality during the verses, while the chorus brings you back in with a simple, yet brilliant, hook.  “Butterflies In Heaven” has boppy rhythm from start to finish that compliments the other (2) tracks quite nicely.  At present, Mr. Milne is hard at work writing and recording a new CD.  We look forward to hearing The Lion when it’s released later this year or early next.

– Drago