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The October Thumbs Up Goes To….

thumbs upWe’ve tallied all the Thumbs Up’s and Thumbs Down’s for the month of October and the Froglix listeners have proven to have quite the diversity of tastes. Forty-five (45) tracks from thirty-three (33) artists received votes, but alas, not everyone can be a winner. Represented in the Top Ten alone though are artists we have described before as rock, modern rock, alternative rock, Brit alt-rock, ambient, electro, electronica, indie pop, ska, power ska, reggae, punk, post-punk, singer/songwriter, and actually quite a bit more. So without further ado…take a listen to October’s favorites…

October’s Top Ten
(in alphabetical order)

28-200 :: I Kiss U
Attention Thieves :: Let It All Out
Case Of The Mondays :: Indie Girl
Mars Accelerator :: Fill For The Glacial Till
Mobile Wash Unit :: September Was Winter
Ring Of Truth :: Why Should This Be?
Rude City Riot :: Victoria
Small City Calling :: Atlantic: Castaways
Treading Lemmings :: Comeuppance
Variety Workshop :: U Suck Noodles

– DMitch



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Drago Needs Help and HUB Delivers

HUBartist: HUB
genre: indie-pop, alt-rock
label: unsigned
listen now:
Upside Down :: Forget Them :: Round and Round

Ok. I have something that I just have to get off my chest.  My name is Drago and, under normal circumstances, I have a complete and utter disdain for “singer-songwriters.” Whew!  I feel much better now.  I’m not altogether sure from whence this animosity emanates or, to that end, what even sparked it in the first place but admitting you have a problem is the first step…right?  In any event, I was just about to seek therapy (yes…again) in attempts to uncover the genesis of this rather troubling condition when along comes Josh McFadden and his brainchild HUB.  Crisis averted. In fact, I was about half way through HUB’s latest album 8 before I even realized that HUB was actually Josh (and vice versa, of course.)  I’m not sure if he is pulling a Kravitz here and playing all of the instruments on this record (perhaps he’ll weigh in via the comments and let us know) but if he is I am duly impressed.
“Upside Down” gets out the gate and in yo face from the get go with an opening chord sequence that immediately had me thinking “Oasis!”  I suspect that those who consider themselves to fans of the the brothers Gallagher (and even those that don’t) will appreciate the comparison as well as the song.  Other notable tracks include “Forget Them” which sports a groovy riff that gives way to a harmony filled hook that I just can’t shake out of me mellon while “Round and Round” swings a bit more to the subtle side compared to the rest of the disc and rocks it with a brit-pop kind of style.
Start to finish 8 is an energetic thrill ride and, while I can’t say I’m 100% cured of my malady, HUB certainly has opened my eyes and, more importantly, my ears to the possibility of a full recovery.

– Drago

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The Spoken and the Sassy

artist: Sheila Sondergard | genre: alternative, indie-pop | label: unsigned

listen now
Spoke Too Loud
Same Ol Bend

Take a listen to “Spoke Too Loud,” the title track to Sheila Sondergard’s most recent CD, and if you don’t think it’s one of the grooviest songs you’ve ever heard…then you need groovy lessons.  The verses offer a jazzy/Krieger-esque guitar sound before jumping into a stellar indie-pop chorus.  Throw in some syncopated latin style riddims,  a buttery bass line to hold it all together and top it off with  sassy vocals from Miss Sheila and you’ve got it…grooviness times ten.  On the flip side, “Same Ol Bend” is awash with indie attitude.  Sparkly guitars give way to an unbridled edginess and siren like vocals.

– Drago

alt-rock featured artists folk Monty reviews Space Poet

America Rocks with Monty

MontyGenre: folk | alt-rock
Label: Space Poet

listen now…
Richard Shouldn’t Play With Dead Things
America Rocks
Butterflies In Heaven

Singer/song writer Monty Milne’s most recent release from Space Poet Publishing, a (5) song EP  entitled Rock Stars Don’t Eat Cookies, blends the best of his classic rock influences (The Who, Hendrix, et al) with contemporary indie.  Milne’s vocals are comparable to those of front man Matt Talbot (Hum) in that they both emphasize the true nature of their voices versus covering them up with lots of compression and reverb. Like Talbot, Milne’s delivery is an honest one and, while they may share similar vocal styles, that’s where the likeness ends, as musically, they are light years apart.  Monty favours a folk-rock approach to his music over the metal fringed space-rock that was synonymous with Hum.  As for the tracks selected for broadcast, “America Rocks” is an ode, of sorts, touting the good things about the US which is somewhat refreshing given our current political/economic climate.  “Richard Shouldn’t Play With Dead Things” exhibits an interesting dissonant quality during the verses, while the chorus brings you back in with a simple, yet brilliant, hook.  “Butterflies In Heaven” has boppy rhythm from start to finish that compliments the other (2) tracks quite nicely.  At present, Mr. Milne is hard at work writing and recording a new CD.  We look forward to hearing The Lion when it’s released later this year or early next.

– Drago

alternative featured artists folk funk Oliver Benjamin Thayer reviews Taichung Taiwan unsigned

Alternative Folk Funk From the Far East

Genre: Alternative | Folk | Funk
Label: unsigned

Oliver Benjamin Thayer_blog

Oliver Benjamin Thayer is an interesting cat who puts out some interesting music.  Now a resident of Taichung, Taiwan, this international bard was originally born in Tulsa, Oklahoma but wasn’t there long before going on an extended family walk-about that included visits to Turkey, Israel, The Czech Republic and Italy, among other places.  When you couple the myriad of experiences gained through his extensive travels with his diverse mix of musical influences that include hip hop, funk, folk and country/western what you get is a smooth sound that brilliantly encapsulates personal Oliver’s journey that has literally taken him there and back again.  With his most recent CD, 12 Women, this talented singer-songwriter lays down some groovy tracks that brilliantly blend the aforementioned genres into one, unified sound that should appeal to both fans of the urban music scene as well as indie aficionados.