Ledaswan by the NUM83R5

artist: Ledaswan | genre: alternative, indie-rock | label: unsigned
album: NUM83R5…available now on [itunes link=”http://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/ledaswan/id268417296?uo=4″ title=”NUM83R5 by Ledaswan”]


listen now:
Faulkner :: 25 Years :: What a Way Two Drown

We first introduced San Antonio indie-rockers Ledaswan to the Froglix Faithful via a recent video post for “Faulkner,” a de-lovely track from their latest self-released EP NUM83R5 (aka Numbers) with a promise that a full-fledged review would be forthcoming.  I am a man of my word…so here it goes.

A recent review on another network, as they say, refer to Ledaswan as having a “pop” sound.  Pop? Really?  If theses cats are pop than Brittany Spears is R&B. I’m not buying it.  This just in, melodic does not always have to equal pop.  Rant over…moving on.

Mazzy Star?  Nope.  The Cranberries? Definitely not. Erica Monzon (lead vox, guitars, keys), brothers Jaime and David Monzon (electric guitars, keys), Lalo Rodriguez (bass guitar) and Oscar Linares (drums) deserve a little more credit than being compared to the “standard” female fronted, alternative/indie rock bands. How about Gwen Stefani meets the Jesus and Mary Chain?  That’s a bit more like it. Was I smitten by Erica’s charming, diaphanous voice? Of course, I’m only human and…she’s really good!  Mind you, she’s not as gritty as Alison Mosshart from The Dead Weather nor as powerful as, dare I say it, Ann Wilson from Heart. But that’s a good thing as neither of those styles would work for this band.  Her voice (and stage presence for that matter) actually remind me somewhat of Sarah Shannon from Velocity Girl. Remember them?  Meanwhile, the colourful guitar work turned in by the brothers Monzon really stands out on this album but I especially like what they did with “What a Way to Drown.” Lalo’s active bass style on “25 Years” is quite impressive as it creates intresting textures while simultaneously staying in the pocket with Mr. Linares’ drumming which, quite frankly, is both stellar and solid all the way through.  Is that a piccolo snare I hear?  Tight.  Very tight.

So…my final ruling on Ledaswan?  I like ’em.  Not a little, but a lot.  Go to iTunes.  Get NUMB3R5. Learn it. Live it. Love it.

– Drago


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  • DMitch 2011.03.28 at 8.56 pm

    The opening of “Faulkner” reminds of the beginning of a Cure song…. can’t quite place it… “In Between Days” or “Just Like Heaven” maybe?? And her voice has a bit of a Robert Smith quality too if I dare say. But on the rest of the track, and on the other tracks too, I think you’re more right with the Jesus and Mary Chain allusion. These guys are so far beyond mere “pop” for sure.

    • DMitch 2011.03.29 at 9.58 am

      I figured out the Cure song I was thinking… “Push”. And I’m not saying the intros are the same, just that the start of “Faulkner” made me reminisce. I just instantly thought “The Cure” when I first heard it.


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