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Small City Calling :: Hold Me Closer

Small City Calling

Michael Weybret recut his short film “An Early Autumn’s Hope” into a music video for the song that helped inspire the story. Just so happens to be “Hold Me Closer” by Froglix favourite Small City Calling. Check out the video below.

– DMitch

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Australia Week :: Black Knight and Highway Blonde

Black KnightOn the first day of Australia Week we are looking back to two bands that made their appearances in our inaugural year of 2009. And unfortunately, we haven’t heard anything from either of these guys since. Highway BlondeBlack Knight and Highway Blonde (formerly Smart Artists) are both solidly in the rock genre. Highway Blonde is a bit more modern rock while Black Knight is a bit more on the post-punk side of things. Over the years I’ve found myself humming a tune or two from these guys. It’s always a testament to me whether a band is good or not if one of their songs can find their way into your head just out of the blue.

So, without anything new since 2009 from either, check out a couple of videos from their glorious pasts….



– DMitch


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Smooth Like Butter

The Golden Butter BandA good friend of mine from Sharpsburg, MD (which is not at the end of the world but you can, in fact, see it from there) turned me on to these cats recently and all I can say is…wow.  The Golden Butter Band’s ability to flow effortlessly between rock and reggae is truly jamalicious.  As it turns out they are playing this Friday, March 16th at Sweet Caroline’s in ye olde Winchester,VA…and I shall be there.

– Drago



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Damn Skippy

artist: Damn Vandals | genre: alt-rock | label: unsigned
New music is already on the way in 2012 from our favourite/rehabilitated juvenile delinquents from Great Britain.  We are pleased as punch that Damn Vandals have a new EP that is expected to drop at the end of February.  We can’t wait to hear it.
Previous Posts featuring Damn Vandals: Crodile Rocks, OuterSound and Vandalism at it’s Finest.

– Drago

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Christmas with Summer Fiction

Summer Fiction - Christmas Eve For TwoIs it the Christmas season already?? I know the holiday decorations now go up the day after Halloween; but, I personally refuse to acknowledge them until after the fourth Thursday of November. Well now that date has passed and Christmas actually is just a month away, so even though I’m a bit of a Grinch, let us all enjoy a bit of Christmas tunage together.

Summer Fiction delivers their gift to the season in their usual wrappings of baroque pop with “Christmas Eve For Two”. This has all the hallmarks of a classic Christmas pop song…subtle sleigh bells in the chorus, mentions of snowflakes, Santa, mistletoe and “kissin’ by the glow of Christmas lights”. What else could you want?

– DMitch


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New Vid from Ledaswan :: What a Way Two Drown

Like it? Get it on [itunes link=”″ title=”Ledaswan on iTunes”]

San Antonio’s Ledaswan is back in the mix with a new video for yet another diggable track from their EP NUM83R5.   ‘What a Way Two Drown’ is a sultry, melodic malay that showcases luscious layers of sound.  The dynamics of this song are stellar as are Erica’s vocals.  Just as she, they are simply lovely.

Froglix was very much impressed with this track when we first wrote about it a few months back but seeing it set to video truly gives it a life all it’s own.  DMitch, Thurdeen and myself plan on heading down to the Lone Star State for SxSW next year and very much hope to be able to catch these cats live.

– Drago

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Creative Catalysts

artist: Race You There | genre: indie-pop, alt-rock | label: unsigned

Race You There

listen now:
White Flag    Casualties

It’s no secret.  Music is everywhere.  One could travel to the far reaches of this our beloved planet Earth and could easily find people from the remotest locales expressing themselves through some sort of musical medium.   As has been said/written about many times before on this very website…there are plenty of good bands and talented songwriters out there but what really catches our ear here at Froglix is good ole fashioned originality. Anyone can be a good copycat (just ask Blink 182, Sum 41 or any other “insert emo-punk band” here) but it takes a bit of a different breed to swim upstream and define something that is truly your own.  Thankfully, our newest addition to the broadcast has done just that.

Tucson, Arizona’s Race You There is a four-piece alternative/indie-pop band that is more than just good.  They are truly original and their latest EP, aptly entilted Catalyst, is an excellent example of talented musicians pooling their collective energies enroute to creating something that is unique and imaginative.  From the melancholy opening track, “Low Armaments” to the upbeat “Casualties” to the quirky/syncopated riddim of “Dear Lewis Fry” and ending with the sparkly sounds of “White Flag,” this EP is awash in rich compositions further highlighted by excellent dynamics and strong vocals. I was impressed not only with their performance, which was stellar, but their overall approach to songwriting.  It’s quite poetic really and, dare I say, you will be drawn in from the jump.  This is indie done right.

– Drago

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Gumshen :: What You Make It

artist: Gumshen
genre: alternative, indie-pop, rock
label: unsigned
listen now:
Not Every One Of Us
I Know You Girl

I first heard of Gumshen while working with “another network,” as they say, and was so impressed that I felt compelled to include select tracks from their previous album, Super Buffet, as part of our global broadcast here at Froglix when we launched nearly (2) years ago.  Fast forward to today and the always entertaining indie rockers with the energetic sound from Seattle are back in the mix with a new studio release that, quite possibly, could be best work yet.  Naturally, this what one hopes for as an artist and musician…to get better, to progress, to improve and all the while exploring new areas of sound and it is quite clear that Ron Hippe, Jan Ciganik, Dennis McCoy and Rich Hinklin are doing just that.  This latest EP not only demonstrates their growth as individual musicians but as a band as well.  After all, the sum is only as good as its individual parts and with Gumshen the sum is good…that should tell you everything you need to know.

– Drago

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Indie Folk from Philly

artist: Munny & the Cameraman

genre: alternative | indie |folk

label: unsigned

buy now: [itunes link=”″ title=”Munny & the Cameraman on iTunes.”]

listen and download (for free) now:
Revolutions  (download Revolutions directly here)
Tattoos  (download Tattoos directly here)

Philadephia’s Munny & the Cameraman released their self-titled debut disc this past fall.  October 8th to be exact…and we missed it.  How in the heck did we miss it?  Time to fire the Research Department.  Wait. That would be me.  Ok…bad idea.  Let’s focus on the positives here shall we?  We shall.

Regardless of how long it’s taken for us to hear this disc, it’s been well worth the wait.  As I hit play on the mp3 player, the opening track entitled “Tattoos” begins and immediately captures my attention with quasi-military style drum cadence. Next the guitars add a sparkling layer of texture that meshes will with the warm bass and vocals which resonate with unmistakeable clarity and melody. “Start a revolution maybe, you’ll feel better inside.” I thought indie-folk was all about the love?  “Revolutions” showcases earthy vocals set against a shuffle like tempo on the drums and echoed by guitar and bass.  I really like the flow of this song. The same can be said about “We All Wanted Something,” as M & the C ditch the rhythm section and rely solely on the interplay of voice and guitar.  Nice.

This is one of those albums that one could imagine hearing while sitting in solitary at a local coffee shop.  You’d notice it right away, then you’d stop to listen just for a second and  before you know it you are lost in thought as your mind switches over to autopilot.  Take my advice, don’t fight it…just enjoy the ride.

– Drago


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Australia's Abbe May

artist: Abbe May | genre: alternative, rock | label: unsigned

Some may consider Aussie siren Abbe May’s musical style to be somewhat of an acquired taste.  Okay. I’ll grant you that but, personally, I dig her.  There’s just something very PJ Harvey/Jemina Pearl about her that I find to be quite alluring.  To quote Garth from Wayne’s World, “She makes me feel kinda funny…like when we used to climb the ropes in gym class.”

If you have already hit the play button on the video above  you have already surmised that the aforementioned is for a track entitled “Design Desire.” This latest single is also a forerunner to her next album which is due to drop this summer.  If you haven’t hit play…please do so now.  I’ll be right here when you get back.

Was it good for you?  Ok…let’s keep it moving.  There were a few things that jumped out at me about this particular song/video. The guitar work was gritty, it was raw and it was muddy. Loved it. Abbe’s haunting lyrics and amorous energy were quite stellar as well. The mirror effects…eh…not so much.  At first they were interesting, cool even. Then came the queasiness, a sensation I last remember experiencing while watching the Blair Witch Project back in the day. Then there’s dude with the swimmer’s cap from hell and a cow skull draped around his neck dancing around in hot pants. Again with the queasiness.  The white Ford Mustang barreling across the desert, however, was money!

– Drago