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The October Thumbs Up Goes To….

thumbs upWe’ve tallied all the Thumbs Up’s and Thumbs Down’s for the month of October and the Froglix listeners have proven to have quite the diversity of tastes. Forty-five (45) tracks from thirty-three (33) artists received votes, but alas, not everyone can be a winner. Represented in the Top Ten alone though are artists we have described before as rock, modern rock, alternative rock, Brit alt-rock, ambient, electro, electronica, indie pop, ska, power ska, reggae, punk, post-punk, singer/songwriter, and actually quite a bit more. So without further ado…take a listen to October’s favorites…

October’s Top Ten
(in alphabetical order)

28-200 :: I Kiss U
Attention Thieves :: Let It All Out
Case Of The Mondays :: Indie Girl
Mars Accelerator :: Fill For The Glacial Till
Mobile Wash Unit :: September Was Winter
Ring Of Truth :: Why Should This Be?
Rude City Riot :: Victoria
Small City Calling :: Atlantic: Castaways
Treading Lemmings :: Comeuppance
Variety Workshop :: U Suck Noodles

– DMitch




New and Improved

We’ve been working hard here at Froglix to revamp the site. The goal is to make easier for you to get to new and great music from multiple genres. We aren’t done, so expect more changes coming. But we didn’t want to wait any longer to share the improvements.
Froglix Jump PageThe biggest difference is the new launch page found at From there you can quickly find your way to your favorite Froglix global broadcast, the OuterSound podcast, or to our blog. The second biggest difference is we are adding channels. The Big Mix is what you already know and love. Skalicious is new with Combustulator and Dubs & Dreads coming soon. Along the way you’ll find a new player, a bit more user interactivity, and more links to iTunes so you can support the artists you love with your pocketbook.
We are excited about the changes. We hope it provides you with the best experience to discover great new music. Our mission at Froglix remains the same, to bring to you the best independent/unsigned artists from around the world.

– DMitch



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Jump Back :: The Week in Review

Patrons of Punk re-embraced a re-post of an article written a few weeks back…before the meltdown…about a band from Phoenix called Moovalya. I felt a bit bad as it was our technical difficulties that caused the article to disappear for a bit. More post-hardcore punk followed on Tuesday  with Thurdeen’s review of Sleep City’s debut EP entitled Still Breathing.  News of The Joy Formidable’s Spring Tour landed on the front page mid-week as the band begins final preparations to support their debut album entitled The Big Roar which is due to drop early next week…March 14th to be exact.  We also got some good news out of the Criminal Records camp when we learned that The Exits were, in fact, still very much alive and heading back into the studio to record some new stuff. I’m not sure who pissed Thurdeen off this week but it’s clear that he has been dialing up the punk to get in touch with his inner angry child. The theme continues with his review of Kesshin, a french al-rock/punk band from France whose new EP entitled For Too Long Now has us all quite smitten. The music of Byzanite closes out the week for us as we learn that chiptune is not actually created by chipmunks (sorry Alvin) but by a step-sequencer hooked up to a GameBoy. What? Exactly. But ’tis good my friends so check it out.

– Drago

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Jump Back…The Week in Review

This week kicked off with some cool news about The Kut being considered for the video game Rock Band, pimped a video from Amsterdam’s Go Back to the Zoo for their song “I’m the Night (See You Later)” and followed up with a the latest single from Attention Thieves.  “Let It All Out” rocks out loud so feel free to crank it on up to 11.  San Diego’s Small City Calling released (3) new tracks that are to be featured as part of their next album due to be released in April.  The best part…free downloads for everyone! Finally, we caught DMitch doing some world class meandering as he traces the lineage of the band The Drums back to Elkland and The Goat Explosion. Somehow, I sense an intervention coming!

Tune in and logon next week for more incredible indie music and mindless commentary from DMitch, Thurdeen and, of course, yours truly.


Technical Hiccups

We apologize for Froglix going up and down a bit the last few days. We are currently migrating to bigger and better infrastructure and we’ve had our share of hiccups along the way. The migration isn’t over yet, so please bear with us. Everything should be back to normal (and even better) very soon.

– DMitch

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And the Froggy Goes to…

As 2010 comes to a close, naturally, we tend to reflect on the year that was…and what a year it’s been here at Froglix!  We’ve made a number of technical upgrades and changes, incorporated more video content into our postings and last (but certainly not least) we’ve welcomed our good friend Thurdeen to the Froglix fold as our newest writer.  Further, and most importantly, we have been introduced to a bevy of talented musicians from around the world all striving for the same goal…to have their voices and their music heard by a global audience.  We consider it an honour to have been able to play even a small part in making that happen.  It has truly been a tremendous year in indie music and we are looking forward to what we are sure will be an incredible 2011 with great anticipation.  However, before we jump ahead, we would be remiss if we were not to take one more look back at the year that was and offer up our own “best of.”

Ladies and gentlemen, it is a distinct honour, nay a privilege, to present the First Annual Froglix Music Awards!  Winners of this year’s “Froggy” awards have been selected by the listeners and readers with input for DMitch, Thurdeen and myself, of course.  With a year filled with so much excellent music it was indeed difficult to narrow it down…but with no more gilding the lily or anymore adieu I give the winners!

Treading Lemmings

Artist of the Year | Album of the Year

[itunes link=”″ title=”Cliff Notes”]

Small City Calling

Best Indie Pop Artist or Group | EP of the Year
Song of the Year (Castaways)

[itunes link=”″ title=”Oceanus”]

The Sky Life

Best Alternative Artist or Group

[itunes link=”″ title=”Roots and Wings”]

Killer Godzilla

Best Alt-Rock Artist or Group

[itunes link=”″ title=”Killer Godzilla”]


Best Ambient/Electronica Artist or Group

[itunes link=”″ title=”Video Games & Popsicle Sticks”]


Best Punk/Hardcore Artist or Group

[itunes link=”″ title=”Nozdrilz”]

Attention Thieves

Best Grunge/Hard Rock Artist or Group

[itunes link=”″ title=”Broken Promise”]


Best Reggae Artist or Group

[itunes link=”″ title=”Emotional Rollercoaster”]

Rude City Riot

Best Ska Artist or Group

[itunes link=”″ title=”Rude City Riot”]

Sacha Sacket

Best Singer/Songwriter

[itunes link=”″ title=”Lovers and Leaders”]


Build It and They Will Come

One year ago today, DMitch and I began Froglix Radio with one definite major purpose…to provide independent and unsigned artists here on planet earth a platform to share their music with a global audience. Motivated by nothing more than a pure love of all that is indie, we began assembling the frame work of what we hoped would be a megaphone for the global underground music scene.
Aside from constructing the technical backbone (which was then and still is masterfully managed by DMitch) we had to find music for our listeners. But would anyone take us seriously?  Fortunately, many did and the result was an inaugural broadcast with over (40) individual performers and bands from just under (5) countries.  Fast forward to today and Froglix has showcased over (100) individual artists from more than a dozen international locales.
Technical piece…check.  Music…check.  Listeners?  Uh……When we launched our listenership consisted of…well…DMitch and I.  We were it.  Fast forward to today and we have visitors and listeners from more than (70) countries, all a testament to the phenomenal artists who continue to grace the Froglix airwaves with their incredible music.
Over the next year, Dmitch, myself and now Thurdeen (who joined us just under a month ago) pledge to do our best to deliver the finest indie music of the world to the world.
Happy Indiependence Day!

– Drago

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The Thumbs Up For March

The votes have been tallied and the choice of the people…err the Froglix Faithful anyway…is quite clear.  The top 10 artists as selected by the listeners for March 2010 are (insert drum roll here)…

Tenpenny Joke

The Sky Life

Everything Zen

Ring of Truth

Black Knight

Hand Painted Swinger

Killer Godzilla

Rude City Riot

The Exits

– Drago


Froglix 2.0


We are pleased to announce the release of the latest and greatest version of Froglix Radio on the web.  Froglix Radio and Froglix…the Blog went on the air and online back in July for the sole purpose of offering listeners a true alternative to mainstream radio while providing independent/unsigned artists around the world a unique opportunity to reach beyond their current boundaries and share their music with a global audience.  With this, our latest launch, we bring together the best from our radio and blog sites and combine them into one, central location that we hope will evolve into the epicenter of all things indie. 

In addition to the new look, we have some new features worth mentioning.  Included in this most recent iteration is a translator.  Being that we are a global indie radio station with artists and listeners around the world, we thought it would make sense to provide a mechanism to allow those from other lands the opportunity to view the content in their native tongue.  At present, Froglix is being translated into (33) different languages.  Also, the radio player is now detachable allowing visitors the flexibility to dial up the best indie music while surfing the web.

Special thanks to all of the artists who continue to support us with their music as well as the Froglix Faithful.  Finally, I’d be remiss were I not to acknowledge the contributions of Froglix co-founder and web guru David Mitchell (aka DMitch) who has sacrificed many late nights pulling everything together for the new site (btw…the translator was his idea!).   Aces DMitch…Aces! 

– Drago


iTunes and OuterSound

Starting with the October episode, Froglix Radio’s OuterSound Indie Music Podcast will be available as a free download via iTunes!  We are just a little bit excited about it because we know that it means even more exposure for the artists who are currently part of our global broadcast.  In addition to iTunes, OuterSound will also be available as a download or subscription.
The whole team here at Froglix is absolutely stoked, as you can imagine, and would like to thank all of the indie artists who support us with their music and all of the Froglix faithful who support us and by tuning in everyday.
Subscribe to and download the OuterSound podcast on iTunes here
Listen to the OuterSound Indie Music Podcast (October)
Listen to the OuterSound Indie Music Podcast (September)