Build It and They Will Come

One year ago today, DMitch and I began Froglix Radio with one definite major purpose…to provide independent and unsigned artists here on planet earth a platform to share their music with a global audience. Motivated by nothing more than a pure love of all that is indie, we began assembling the frame work of what we hoped would be a megaphone for the global underground music scene.
Aside from constructing the technical backbone (which was then and still is masterfully managed by DMitch) we had to find music for our listeners. But would anyone take us seriously?  Fortunately, many did and the result was an inaugural broadcast with over (40) individual performers and bands from just under (5) countries.  Fast forward to today and Froglix has showcased over (100) individual artists from more than a dozen international locales.
Technical piece…check.  Music…check.  Listeners?  Uh……When we launched our listenership consisted of…well…DMitch and I.  We were it.  Fast forward to today and we have visitors and listeners from more than (70) countries, all a testament to the phenomenal artists who continue to grace the Froglix airwaves with their incredible music.
Over the next year, Dmitch, myself and now Thurdeen (who joined us just under a month ago) pledge to do our best to deliver the finest indie music of the world to the world.
Happy Indiependence Day!

– Drago