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The Quest of Zion Judah

artist: Zion Judah
genre: roots | reggae
label: Mt. Zion Records

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Create Your Own Reality :: Give Thanks For Life :: Higher Conciousness

NYC’s  Zion Judah may call the Big Apple home today, but his roots are in reggae.  With his latest release entitled Quest, Zee delivers a modern musical vibe that  lies somewhere between the (2) Marleys…that would be Bob and son Damian.
As the urban back beat begins on “Create Your Own Realty” listeners get just a hint of  Junior Gong flava.  While “Give Thanks For Life” moves magically to the middle where a dancehall-esque (I just love making up words!) motif meets an unmistakable roots melody.  My favourite track, however, would be “Higher Consciousness”.  A bouncy bass line, pulsating keys, sparkling guitar and smooth vocals that would bring a tear to Tuff Gong’s eye…how can you improve on that? What can I say?  When it comes to reggae I’m a purist and this is a solid tune all they way around.
Listening to Zion Judah brings down your stress level and, more importantly, reminds us that there is still plenty of good in the world and that, my friends is what I call a win-win.  Much bless…

– Drago

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Let the face melting begin…

artist: Toykult
album: Narcisstika
genre: electronica | alternative | rock
label: unsigned

listen now: Eyes of Vin Diesel :: Super Cleaner

It’s unclear when Montreal’s Tom Hamlyn lost his mind.  One could hazard a guess that it happened while he was back in his native England studying art in Birmingham but no one really knows and I doubt we’ll ever find out for sure.  However, I, for one, am just glad he did for had he not we may never have had the chance to experience his brainchild, better known as Toykult.  This latest release, 2010’s Narcisstika, delivers pulsating electronica coupled with stellar alt-rock underpinnings and a healthy dose of of bottomless bass thrown in for good measure and, in all the right places, I might add.  Notable tracks include “Eyes of Vin Diesel”, “Super Cleaner” and “Automatic Addict” (video above) but all are deserving of a listen.

**This just in…for a limited time you can download NARCISSTIKA and Toykult’s previous release, SOW LOCO, for free (160kbps) just for subscribing to the mailing list.  Here’s the link…!**

– Drago

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A Cool Groove from LA

artist: Glacier Hiking
genre: electronica | alternative | rock
label: unsigned

Contrary to the label above, neither this song nor this video are “new”.  It’s actually about 1 year old, near as I can tell.  However, it is new to me and I must say I have taken quite a fancy to this band from LA.  You can hear their latest release, The Color By Number EP, via their MySpace page as well as on iTunes.

– Drago

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From the Shores of San Diego

artist: Small City Calling
genre: alternative | indie-rock
Oceanus (EP)

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Castaways :: We Are the Messengers :: My Friend the Ocean (Coming Home)

Just a few short months ago, San Diego’s Small City Calling released their 2nd studio recording and follow up to 2009’s The Living Room Demo. Their latest work, Oceanus, is an intriguing 7-song EP that, in addition to showcasing the talents of founding members Ryan Erwin (lead vox, guitar, keys), Kevin Adams (guitar, vox) and Jake Falzone (bass, vox), also marks the debut of the band’s newest addition, Hanna Hoffman (guitar, vocals, keys).
The blend of acoustics and electrics is stellar indeed, however, equally impressive is the interplay of melody and harmony that creates a cascading effect that leaves listeners awash in auditory bliss.  While there are certainly some tracks that I favour more than others, of the (7) featured on this EP there are none that I dislike. 
“Castaways” jumps in from the first downbeat with a quiet, steady cadence that is an instant attention getter.  Piece by piece, bit by bit it continues to build, culminating with a chorus drenched in pure indie attitude.  Dig it.  The groovy acoustic vibe beautifully complements the colourful vocal elements featured in “We Are the Messengers” and makes for a track that is much more than memorable.  Finally, as I listen to “My Friend the Ocean (Coming Home)” two words pop into me nugget…”simply inspiring”.  Coincidentally, those are the same two words which, if asked, I’d use to describe this EP and this band.

– Drago

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Introducing Romania's Grimus

artist: Grimus
genre: alternative | indie rock
label: Eden Music


listen now:
In A Glimpse
(will be released in Aug)

When you hear the name Transylvania, often the notion of a dark, yet somehow alluring, place comes to mind. From the stories we’ve all seen and heard, this place in the heart of Romania probably elicits a wider range of emotions than any other place I can think of. Now what if you want to find a band that can play the soundtrack for such a milieu? Look no further than the Romanian band Grimus.
Bogdan Mezofi’s vocal delivery combined with the driving bass and drums from Titus Vădan and Tamás Adorjáni, respectively, instantly invokes a comparison to Muse. But the guitar work from Vali Rauca and Cristian Csapo along with the keyboards from Lehel Kiss make you think Killers. The final recipe is a surprisingly refined sound of their own. Catchy melodies, hooks in the right places, vocal angst, driving beats, yet all slightly brooding.
“In A Glimpse”, from their 2008 release Panikon, and the yet to be released single “Started” (coming in August) probably showcase what I’m talking about best. But I haven’t heard a single track from them that disappointed.

– DMitch


Build It and They Will Come

One year ago today, DMitch and I began Froglix Radio with one definite major purpose…to provide independent and unsigned artists here on planet earth a platform to share their music with a global audience. Motivated by nothing more than a pure love of all that is indie, we began assembling the frame work of what we hoped would be a megaphone for the global underground music scene.
Aside from constructing the technical backbone (which was then and still is masterfully managed by DMitch) we had to find music for our listeners. But would anyone take us seriously?  Fortunately, many did and the result was an inaugural broadcast with over (40) individual performers and bands from just under (5) countries.  Fast forward to today and Froglix has showcased over (100) individual artists from more than a dozen international locales.
Technical piece…check.  Music…check.  Listeners?  Uh……When we launched our listenership consisted of…well…DMitch and I.  We were it.  Fast forward to today and we have visitors and listeners from more than (70) countries, all a testament to the phenomenal artists who continue to grace the Froglix airwaves with their incredible music.
Over the next year, Dmitch, myself and now Thurdeen (who joined us just under a month ago) pledge to do our best to deliver the finest indie music of the world to the world.
Happy Indiependence Day!

– Drago

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New Release from Andy Hawk and the Train Wreck Endings

artist: Andy Hawk and the Train Wreck Endings
album: Another Roadside Attraction
genre: rock | blues | folk
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My, My
Wheel Like the Wind

I’ve listened to all of Andy Hawk’s albums including his latest release entitled Another Roadside Attraction, which, if you’re counting is his 6th studio effort overall and his 2nd with the Train Wreck Endings.  All that music and I still can’t quite pin a genre on him.  Above I mention (3) possibilities but even they don’t quite capture the essence that is Andy Hawk.  Is “honest” a genre?  Because if it is, that’s the word I choose as it best describes not only this latest release but the entire Hawk discography.
All songs tell stories and while some artists can rely solely on their music to tell their tale, others need to marry lyrics with melodies in order to effectively convey their message.  Andy Hawk uses both…but he doesn’t have to…and that, my friends, is what separates good song-writing from great song-writing.
“My, My” blends contemporary rock with an upbeat alt-country feel and does so with a delivery that is fluid not forced while “Lipstick & Dynamite” has more of a Texas-blues/honky-tonk flava that makes for a very interesting contrast.  The piano accompaniment that starts off and carries through “Wheel Like the Wind” would bring a tear to Jerry Lee Lewis’ eye.  In fact I’m pretty sure that Steve Devries was channeling the Killer when he recorded that one!  As I listen to the righteous 60’s guitar riff paired with the steady rhythmic timbre of the drums in “Ghosts of Summer Sun” I can’t help but get the feeling that I should be chilling out on a beach somewhere right around sunset.  This is my point.  When you pop in this disc, each track will elicit a unique feeling/response that can only come from honest music performed by a gifted story-teller.
Andy Hawk and Train Wreck Endings deliver another winner with Another Roadside Attraction.

– Drago