Introducing Romania's Grimus

artist: Grimus
genre: alternative | indie rock
label: Eden Music


listen now:
In A Glimpse
(will be released in Aug)

When you hear the name Transylvania, often the notion of a dark, yet somehow alluring, place comes to mind. From the stories we’ve all seen and heard, this place in the heart of Romania probably elicits a wider range of emotions than any other place I can think of. Now what if you want to find a band that can play the soundtrack for such a milieu? Look no further than the Romanian band Grimus.
Bogdan Mezofi’s vocal delivery combined with the driving bass and drums from Titus Vădan and Tamás Adorjáni, respectively, instantly invokes a comparison to Muse. But the guitar work from Vali Rauca and Cristian Csapo along with the keyboards from Lehel Kiss make you think Killers. The final recipe is a surprisingly refined sound of their own. Catchy melodies, hooks in the right places, vocal angst, driving beats, yet all slightly brooding.
“In A Glimpse”, from their 2008 release Panikon, and the yet to be released single “Started” (coming in August) probably showcase what I’m talking about best. But I haven’t heard a single track from them that disappointed.

– DMitch