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Di Riddim and Di Melody

artist: Singing Melody | genre: reggae, dancehall | label: S.H.E.M. Music Productions
listen now: Wi Set Di Trend
It happens to all of us at one time or another. We awake from a restful night’s slumber expecting only the best for what lies ahead and then…it happens.  Out of nowhere, we find ourselves smack dab in the middle of “one of those” days. Right from the jump, we’re in overdrive going mach 10 with our hair on fire and then, just when we think that our melons are about to explode, we hear it.  The final whistle.  Unfortunately, most of us just can’t turn it “off” when we’ve been “on” all day. We must de-stress…but how?  Some choose alcohol but, for many of us, that’s a non-starter because we realize that we have to apologize enough as it is for dumb ass mistakes without the aid of a chemically induced stupor adding fuel to the fire. Fear not! Your friends at Froglix have the answer.  It is our semi-professional opinion that a healthy dose of reggae will take the edge off quite nicely…and without the hangover. Further, we suggest that Kingston’s own Singing Melody (aka Everton Hardweare) be part of your emergency collection.

“Wi Set Di Trend,” Melody’s newest single, showcases his strong tenor vox set against dancehall riddims and rich melodies.  If you’re looking for something that swings more the roots side of the reggae spectrum then you’ll dig “Special Love.” With work having already begun on his fourth album, we expect to be hearing much more from this talented artists in the months ahead.

– Drago


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Dancehall, Roots & Rap

artist: MasSicker | genre: dancehall, reggae | label: unsigned

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Look Around :: New Millennium Rasta :: Mek Dem Gwaan

As  part of reggae’s next generation, MasSicker (aka King Mas) draws upon a myriad of influences en route to a melodic sound that blends the best dancehall, roots and hip hop.   His rhythmic lyrics are set against an urban backdrop of beats that are complimented by a sprinkling of guitars, keys, synths and, of course, phat bass lines.  You’re going to want to turn the low end EQ up along with the volume to get truly experience the feel of MasSicker’s music, especially if you are in the car and have speakers that are halfway decent.  One piece of advice…don’t fight it.  Bass up, lean back and enjoy the ride.


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Stand Up for P-Nuckle

artist: P-Nuckle | genre: reggae, punk | label: Revolution Sound Lab

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Down Step
Love To Love Her
No Justice

The storied connection between reggae and punk goes back many, many moons.  Clubs who were brave enough to cater to punk and hardcore bands used to play reggae in between sets so as to settle the crowd down before the next band hit the stage.  It worked.  I, myself, remember many a night spent in the hallowed halls of the old 930 Club in downtown Washington.  Dag Nasty, Government Issue and the like ripped the roof of the joint back in the day.  The pits were massive and the air electric from the very first power chord to the last cymbal crash.  It was mayhem and it was awesome.  Then, before the band could even unplug their guitars the reggae vibrations would descend upon the crowd from the rafters above, or so it seemed, like a tepid tropical breeze and, almost instantly, order was restored.  While punk and reggae coexisted at the same show, it was the godfathers of the DC hardcore scene that actually married the two genres in the same set.  If it please the court, I enter exhibit A…Bad Brains.  HR, Dr. No, Darryl Jennifer and Earl Hudson proved that a band’s sound was defined by, well, the band and not some corporate A&R cat looking to cash in on the next big thing.  It is because of those reggae/punk experiences from back in the day that I developed a deep seeded appreciation and respect for both genres.

Flash forward to today and we find a global indie music seen abounding in talented reggae and punk bands.  Nothing startling there.   However, it’s a very rare occasion indeed to find a band ambitious/courageous enough these days to attempt to merge the (2) long acquainted musical styles…let alone one that can pull it off.  That, my friends, is what makes Colorado’s P-Nuckle so intriguing.  They blend the smoothness of roots reggae, the riddim of dancehall and the energy of emo-punk in such a way that the transitions are virtually seamless.  The tracks just fit.  Granted their style is not as hardcore in either direction as Bad Brains was but then again, whose is?!  Their most recently release, Stand Up, certainly captures the essence of the band’s sound however, after seeing some video clips of the boys in action, for one to truly experience all that is P-Nuckle their live show is a must.  These cats are the complete package.

– Drago

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Prophet Z

gProphet-Zenre: dancehall | reggae
label: unsigned

Can’t Run

Brooklyn’s own Prophet-Z joins the broadcast with a track off of his latest studio effort entitled Ambition Over Laziness. “Can’t Run” couples smooth reggae melodies with dynamic dancehall rhythms that will leave listeners with good vibrations as it is well-produced, well-played and on point.  Froglix is looking forward to hearing more from this artist.

– Drago

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Dancehall Days Revisited

Genre: dancehall/hip hop
Label: Street Dream Records (Cashbook Clique) and Murderus Soundz (Young Dread)
Jamaica’s Cashbook Clique, who first joined Froglix’s global broadcast a few weeks ago with a track entitled “Galis Caliba”, is back with another new song.  “Rise”, now in rotation, swings a little more to Cashbook Cliquethe Hip Hop side of their musical influences while staying true to their Dancehall roots.  This new track is just as engaging as their previous work and is sure to be enjoyed by the Froglix faithful.
Young DreadWhat do Gladys Knight, The B-52’s and Sugarland have in common with our newest addition to the broadcast  Young Dread?   Well, it’s definitely not the same genre of music that’s for certain.  However, they all, as well as a myriad of other well known musicians, athletes and entertainers, call Atlanta, GA home.  The list of famous musicians that hail from this southern metropolis is a storied one indeed.   However, we really haven’t heard much in the way of Dancehall coming out of the ATL, which is rather sad as The Big Peach could really use it!   After listening to the tracks from Young Dread, we came to the conclusion that he is just the one to bring it.  This talented artist delivers pulsating rhythms complimented by lyrics that are on time and on point.  We are thrilled to be featuring selections from Same Color As the President and look forward to hearing much more.  In addition to the broadcast, you can also check out Young Dread in the October episode of the OuterSound Indie Music Podcast. Prepare to get your groove on people!


listen now
Cashbook Clique :: Rise
Young Dread :: Reggae Worldwide

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Island Sounds from Two Hemispheres

Smart ArtistsFroglix welcomes the modern rock sound of Australia’s Smart Artists to the broadcast! These cats from Queensland have developed a strong following down under and are beginning to expand that following around the globe. We’re happy to help spread the word and are keyed up to be featuring (2) tracks, “Inside Moves” and “Annie”, that will appear on their next album, Highway Blonde, scheduled for release later this year.
Cashbook Clique
Next we hip-hop from the Land of Oz to the isle of Jamrock with Cashbook Clique. Their latest single entitled “Galis Caliba” was released as part of a compilation disc from Street of Dreams Records called Ghetto Genesis, Vol II. The confident vocals for Cashbook are provided by Buff Bay’s Dwayne Valentine who conjours up a sound redolent of Shaba and Shaggy with the dead-on timing of JR Gong. The dancehall coming out of the island paradise right now is innovative, imaginative and blends the best traits of the US’ urban hip-hop scene with the colourful island influences that are so prominent in Jamaican music. Valentine and Cashbook Clique are no exception as they deliver a sound that is phat, fresh and full of tropical goodness!