Di Riddim and Di Melody

artist: Singing Melody | genre: reggae, dancehall | label: S.H.E.M. Music Productions
listen now: Wi Set Di Trend
It happens to all of us at one time or another. We awake from a restful night’s slumber expecting only the best for what lies ahead and then…it happens.  Out of nowhere, we find ourselves smack dab in the middle of “one of those” days. Right from the jump, we’re in overdrive going mach 10 with our hair on fire and then, just when we think that our melons are about to explode, we hear it.  The final whistle.  Unfortunately, most of us just can’t turn it “off” when we’ve been “on” all day. We must de-stress…but how?  Some choose alcohol but, for many of us, that’s a non-starter because we realize that we have to apologize enough as it is for dumb ass mistakes without the aid of a chemically induced stupor adding fuel to the fire. Fear not! Your friends at Froglix have the answer.  It is our semi-professional opinion that a healthy dose of reggae will take the edge off quite nicely…and without the hangover. Further, we suggest that Kingston’s own Singing Melody (aka Everton Hardweare) be part of your emergency collection.

“Wi Set Di Trend,” Melody’s newest single, showcases his strong tenor vox set against dancehall riddims and rich melodies.  If you’re looking for something that swings more the roots side of the reggae spectrum then you’ll dig “Special Love.” With work having already begun on his fourth album, we expect to be hearing much more from this talented artists in the months ahead.

– Drago