Flashback :: Ministry

In selecting the Flashback this week, I enlisted the assistance of my esteemed colleague Thurdeen and in my humble (but accurate) opinion he has made an excellent choice.  Today your friends at Froglix bring you a track from the pre-industrial/synth-pop stylings of Al Jorgenson and Ministry. The year was 1983 and the song…“Revenge” from their debut album entitled With Sympathy [Arista Records] [itunes link=”http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/effigy-im-not-an/id298489787?uo=4″ title=”Get it on iTunes!”]. Happy Tuesday everyone!

– Drago



One response to “Flashback :: Ministry”

  1. Quinn Avatar

    A great, GREAT number…Thanks for taking me back with that one. I’ve got a 12″ promo of that but, I bet it’s been 20 years since I spun it.