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Flashback :: Ministry

In selecting the Flashback this week, I enlisted the assistance of my esteemed colleague Thurdeen and in my humble (but accurate) opinion he has made an excellent choice.  Today your friends at Froglix bring you a track from the pre-industrial/synth-pop stylings of Al Jorgenson and Ministry. The year was 1983 and the song…“Revenge” from their debut album entitled With Sympathy [Arista Records] [itunes link=”″ title=”Get it on iTunes!”]. Happy Tuesday everyone!

– Drago


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It's Official…Rude City Riot signs with Stomp Records

Congratulations are most certainly in order for Rude City Riot who will be celebrating the release of their newest CD on June 6th at The Media Club in Vancouver, BC…but wait there’s more!  Nothing But Time is not only RCR’s first full-length disc it is also the first of 2-record with Stomp Records!  Yup.  No joke.   Needless to say, your friends at Froglix are big fans of both RCR and Stomp and are thrilled, intrigued and delighted at the possibilities that this collaboration can bring.  As for the album, while we cannot reveal our sources, we have been given a sneak preview of several tracks that will be and included…and it’s good.  Check that…damn good.  RCR throws down their patented version of power ska and tosses in a few surprises for good measure.  Ska fans rejoice…it’s almost here!

– Drago

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Gumshen :: What You Make It

artist: Gumshen
genre: alternative, indie-pop, rock
label: unsigned
listen now:
Not Every One Of Us
I Know You Girl

I first heard of Gumshen while working with “another network,” as they say, and was so impressed that I felt compelled to include select tracks from their previous album, Super Buffet, as part of our global broadcast here at Froglix when we launched nearly (2) years ago.  Fast forward to today and the always entertaining indie rockers with the energetic sound from Seattle are back in the mix with a new studio release that, quite possibly, could be best work yet.  Naturally, this what one hopes for as an artist and musician…to get better, to progress, to improve and all the while exploring new areas of sound and it is quite clear that Ron Hippe, Jan Ciganik, Dennis McCoy and Rich Hinklin are doing just that.  This latest EP not only demonstrates their growth as individual musicians but as a band as well.  After all, the sum is only as good as its individual parts and with Gumshen the sum is good…that should tell you everything you need to know.

– Drago

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Drago's Morning Drive

En route back to the salt mines this morning, the Fates of Music bestowed upon me the following in random fashion: Anthrax with Public Enemy, Iron Maiden, Catherine Wheel, Staind, The Bravery, Julian Cope, The Suicide Machines, Jane’s Addiction, Miss Geo and the Metrics, Almost Astronauts, High Ceilings and this band…Clap Your Hands and Say Yeah.

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Flashback :: The Grapes of Wrath

I can’t prove it but I’m pretty sure it’s the same dude playing all three instruments…check that…it’s just the same hair.  Regardless, The Grapes of Wrath were one of Canada’s most successful indie/folk/rock bands from the time they formed in British Columbia in 1983 until they broke up in 1992.  This particular track,  “O Lucky Man” was a big hit on the college scene back in the day.  It’s a bit overcast here in the Washington, DC so I figured some sparkly guitar and harmonious lyrics would liven up the place a bit.  Whether it’s sunny, cloudy or coming down in buckets wherever you are in the world…happy Monday, my friends.  Enjoy!

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Indie Folk from Philly

artist: Munny & the Cameraman

genre: alternative | indie |folk

label: unsigned

buy now: [itunes link=”″ title=”Munny & the Cameraman on iTunes.”]

listen and download (for free) now:
Revolutions  (download Revolutions directly here)
Tattoos  (download Tattoos directly here)

Philadephia’s Munny & the Cameraman released their self-titled debut disc this past fall.  October 8th to be exact…and we missed it.  How in the heck did we miss it?  Time to fire the Research Department.  Wait. That would be me.  Ok…bad idea.  Let’s focus on the positives here shall we?  We shall.

Regardless of how long it’s taken for us to hear this disc, it’s been well worth the wait.  As I hit play on the mp3 player, the opening track entitled “Tattoos” begins and immediately captures my attention with quasi-military style drum cadence. Next the guitars add a sparkling layer of texture that meshes will with the warm bass and vocals which resonate with unmistakeable clarity and melody. “Start a revolution maybe, you’ll feel better inside.” I thought indie-folk was all about the love?  “Revolutions” showcases earthy vocals set against a shuffle like tempo on the drums and echoed by guitar and bass.  I really like the flow of this song. The same can be said about “We All Wanted Something,” as M & the C ditch the rhythm section and rely solely on the interplay of voice and guitar.  Nice.

This is one of those albums that one could imagine hearing while sitting in solitary at a local coffee shop.  You’d notice it right away, then you’d stop to listen just for a second and  before you know it you are lost in thought as your mind switches over to autopilot.  Take my advice, don’t fight it…just enjoy the ride.

– Drago


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Drago's Morning Drive…Stomp Style

My morning drive today came courtesy of a “care” package that we recently received from our friends at Stomp Records.  I had recently conversed with Stomp’s Mike Magee over email and mentioned that we really liked what they were doing and would love to hear from them.  Bang!  The package arrived yesterday and I could hardly wait to pop the disks in the CD player.
Started with the punk-polka (that’s right, I said polka) of The Dreadnoughts, next came the reggae/dub sounds of The Aggrolites, followed by Third-wave ska/punk of The Creepshow and The Resignators and washed it all down with the rockabilly/punk stylings of The Brains. My life will never be the same again.

– Drago

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Flashback: Modern English

Like it?  Get it on [itunes link=”″ title=”Modern English on iTunes”]  

Ok, is it just me or did lead singer Robbie Gray of Modern English bare a striking resemblance to Sid from the Disney movie Ice Age back in the day?  Originally known as The Lepers, the band formed in the Essex region of England back in 1979 and, aside from Sid…err Robbie, the original  line up consisted of Gary McDowell on guitar/vox and Michael Conroy on bass.  It wasn’t until drummer Richard Brown and keyboardist Stephen Walker joined the group that they (thankfully) changed their name to Modern English.

While they were best know for the alternative anthem of the ’80s, “I Melt with You,” there was another track that was also released on 1983’s After the Snow that I find to be quite diggable as well. From the synths, to the drums and everything in between, “Someone’s Calling” is pure ’80s new wave/electronica through and through and a track that I hope will be around long after the next ice age.  Dig it…

– Drago


A Week With No Music

Tornado DamageWe can learn a lot about ourselves in the face of tragedy. And forgive me for using this as a platform to disseminate my own personal feelings. Last Wednesday tornadoes ripped through my community. And we were not alone. Dozens and dozens of communities, towns, cities and counties got hit hard. A few hundred dead, a few thousand injured. Whole homes and lives literally swept away by the wind. A couple of tornadoes came within a couple miles on either side of me and my family. My home was spared, and for that I am incredibly thankful. Going without electricity through 5 nights was a very minor inconvenience compared to the loss many others have suffered.
The HousemartinsSo what I’m about to share now is utterly trivial. But yesterday evening I just had to listen to music. Since the storms hit, the radio had been dedicated to solely informational purposes. And I didn’t want to waste my iPhone’s battery on anything other than it’s communications abilities. But last night I went out to my deck, plugged my headphones in, and went searching for something that would both soothe me and satiate my musical hunger. I turned straight to my good friend Paul Heaton. Specifically to The Housemartins. Nostalgic, upbeat, but still socially conscious. Songs like “Flag Day”, “Build”, and “Caravan Of Love” took on new-found meanings. It was the exact medicine I needed.
But that’s enough for my own self-centered thoughts. Others still need much stronger medicine than I needed. From Haiti to Japan to Alabama, and so many countless places in between, there are people that have real needs. When it’s so massive and right in your own backyard you simply can’t turn your face from it. But to be honest, when tragedy hits other places I watch more as a curious voyeur than really feeling for them. So, this has been a reminder to me that all these people everywhere are real human lives, “with loves, and hates, and passions just like mine” (to borrow a line from The Smiths).
So maybe tragedy makes us all a bit more human. It’s a shame that we need bad things to happen to us to remind us of that though.

– DMitch