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Flashback: Bad Brains

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This is one of my all time favourite bands…and one of my all time favourite songs!  I distinctly remember waiting up all night to catch this video the first time it aired on MTV’s 120 Minutes.  It was so worth it.

I was fortunate to catch HR sit in with Fishbone a few months back when they visited 930 Club in Washington, DC.  They did a version pf “Banned in DC” that was truly epic.  So glad I was there to see it live.  There are very few bands, if any, around today that could pull of what Bad Brains did back in the day.  They’re a bit older, a bit wiser…but still rockin out loud!

– Drago

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I Heart Hiroshima

artist: I Heart Hiroshima | genre: alternative, power pop |
label: Valve Records | [itunes link=”″ title=”The Rip on iTunes” text=”[object Selection]

Last month yours truly wrote a little snippet about the Sounds Like Brisbane project which is, in essence, a compilation website that promotes indie music from artists Down Under. It was there that we were introduced to a digital single entitled “Washed Up” by a lil 3-piece from Brisbane called I Heart Hiroshima.  Having been so impressed with the the band we had to learn more about them.  First and foremost, they are Susie Patten (vocals, drums &  percussion), Matthew Somers (lead vocals & lead guitar) and Cameron Hawes (rhythm guitar, keyboards, backing vocals) and since 2006 they have amassed a discography that currently numbers a half dozen studio releases that are mixture of EPs and singles as well as their 2009 full album release entiled The Rip. The latter of which features a track entitled “Shakeytown” (video above) which is 3+ minutes of alternative/indie power-pop bliss. 

– Drago

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S3K::Lizard Wash video

artist: SIMPL3JACK | genre: punk | label: Holy War Entertainment

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Simpl3jackIn the tail end of February we posted a review of SIMPL3JACK, a teen punk band from Northern California. In that I singled out “Lizard Wash” as one of the best tracks off their self-titled album. I am pleased they made a video for it, just their 2nd official video from the album.

– DMitch


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BOOM!…BANG!…The Creepshow

artist: The Creepshow | genre: power ska, punk | label: Stomp Records

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Looking for a big bang to get your week started?  Look no further than The Creepshow.  Cornerstones of the Canadian Ska scene, Sarah “Sin” Blackwood, Sean “Sickboy” McNab, Matt “Pomade” Gee and “Reverend” McGinty bring it large with “They All Fall Down.”

– Drago

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Flashback :: Video Clash

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The year was 1980.  The first rock festival was held in Russia, Ronald Reagan became the 40th President of the United States of America, Mt. Saint Helens erupted in Washington State…and The Clash released “Bankrobber.We certainly could debate the relative importance of these events to each other, to the time period, to history, etc. but it’s going to take a lot of convincing for me not to rank the band and this song #1. To this day this is still one of my all time favs.  Enjoy!

– Drago

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Australia's Abbe May

artist: Abbe May | genre: alternative, rock | label: unsigned

Some may consider Aussie siren Abbe May’s musical style to be somewhat of an acquired taste.  Okay. I’ll grant you that but, personally, I dig her.  There’s just something very PJ Harvey/Jemina Pearl about her that I find to be quite alluring.  To quote Garth from Wayne’s World, “She makes me feel kinda funny…like when we used to climb the ropes in gym class.”

If you have already hit the play button on the video above  you have already surmised that the aforementioned is for a track entitled “Design Desire.” This latest single is also a forerunner to her next album which is due to drop this summer.  If you haven’t hit play…please do so now.  I’ll be right here when you get back.

Was it good for you?  Ok…let’s keep it moving.  There were a few things that jumped out at me about this particular song/video. The guitar work was gritty, it was raw and it was muddy. Loved it. Abbe’s haunting lyrics and amorous energy were quite stellar as well. The mirror effects…eh…not so much.  At first they were interesting, cool even. Then came the queasiness, a sensation I last remember experiencing while watching the Blair Witch Project back in the day. Then there’s dude with the swimmer’s cap from hell and a cow skull draped around his neck dancing around in hot pants. Again with the queasiness.  The white Ford Mustang barreling across the desert, however, was money!

– Drago

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Di Riddim and Di Melody

artist: Singing Melody | genre: reggae, dancehall | label: S.H.E.M. Music Productions
listen now: Wi Set Di Trend
It happens to all of us at one time or another. We awake from a restful night’s slumber expecting only the best for what lies ahead and then…it happens.  Out of nowhere, we find ourselves smack dab in the middle of “one of those” days. Right from the jump, we’re in overdrive going mach 10 with our hair on fire and then, just when we think that our melons are about to explode, we hear it.  The final whistle.  Unfortunately, most of us just can’t turn it “off” when we’ve been “on” all day. We must de-stress…but how?  Some choose alcohol but, for many of us, that’s a non-starter because we realize that we have to apologize enough as it is for dumb ass mistakes without the aid of a chemically induced stupor adding fuel to the fire. Fear not! Your friends at Froglix have the answer.  It is our semi-professional opinion that a healthy dose of reggae will take the edge off quite nicely…and without the hangover. Further, we suggest that Kingston’s own Singing Melody (aka Everton Hardweare) be part of your emergency collection.

“Wi Set Di Trend,” Melody’s newest single, showcases his strong tenor vox set against dancehall riddims and rich melodies.  If you’re looking for something that swings more the roots side of the reggae spectrum then you’ll dig “Special Love.” With work having already begun on his fourth album, we expect to be hearing much more from this talented artists in the months ahead.

– Drago


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Reminder: Vetoes EP Now Available

artist: Vetoes | genre: alternative, indie-rock | label: SpaceRay Music
EP: Ritalin/Ritalout [itunes link=”″ title=”Vetoes – Ritalin/Ritalout”]
Vetoes - Ritalin/Ritalout

A few weeks ago we wrote a review (read it here) about a new EP coming out from Vetoes called Ritalin/Ritalout. In case you forgot, it hit stores yesterday and is now available to download via iTunes. [itunes link=”″ title=”Vetoes – Ritalin/Ritalout”] You can also listen to their track “On The Waterfront” right here:
On The Waterfront

– DMitch


Acid House Kings featured artists indie pop Labrador Records new release reviews Stockholm Sweden videos

Music Sounds Better With Castanets

artist: Acid House Kings | genre: indie pop | label: Labrador Records
Album: Music Sounds Better With You [itunes link=”″ title=”Acid House Kings – Music Sounds Better With You”]

Acid House KingsIn 2007 Labrador Records released a Summer Sampler via bit torrent. I don’t even remember where I heard about this Sampler, but I do remember deciding to download it on a whim. And then wow! I found a whole new sub-genre of music that I instantly fell in love with. I guess you’d call it Indie Pop, but with a definite Swedish flair. (Labrador Records is based in Stockholm, Sweden; and, as far as I can tell all their acts come from Sweden.) For me, Acid House Kings both epitomizes the sound, but also stands a peg higher than the rest. Brothers Johan Angergård and Niklas Angergård and sister-in-law Julia Lannerheim comprise the now Kings trio. Joakim Ödlund seems to have fallen from the lineup.
Four years after my first introduction to Acid House Kings, they are finally releasing a new album. Music Sounds Better With You continues to deliver everything I love about them. Their music is irrepressibly catchy; so easy to sing along to. And what you may first mistake for a simple pop tune, is actually quite sophisticated with layers and layers of plush sounds. Maybe I’m being fooled by the album artwork, but I swear I keep hearing castanets throughout the album! It’s details like that which make you want to listen to each track over and over again. And I’m not sure why, but I always seem to fall for bands with multiple vocalists, especially ones that mix male and female (à la The Beautiful South).
Music Sounds Better With You is available via Amazon and iTunes. [itunes link=”″ title=”Acid House Kings – Music Sounds Better With You”]

– DMitch

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Throw Your Arms Around Candice

It’s not flashy…but I think that’s what I like about it.  In this video for “Throw Your Arms Around Me” Summer Fiction takes their folkish 60’s vibe and set it to an old Candice Bergen movie…what’s not to like?   Watch it here…buy it on [itunes link=”″ title=”the album”]!
– Drago