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Drago's Morning Drive

Metallica, Azoora, Dashboard Confessional, Trusty, Fugazi, Soundgarden, Nena, Bob Marley and the Wailers, Cure, Attack Ships on Fire, Rancid and Beastie Boys.
It was a veritable rockin’ rollercoaster…dig it.

– Drago

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Sounds Like Something Big is Headed this Way

Ever since our inception, Froglix has been mightily impressed by the quality of independent music emanating from the land Down Under and the city of Brisbane, in particular, has the very real potential of becoming the next big thing in music.  What?  Brisbane? Drago, surely you jest.  Nay my friends, nay.  Don’t believe me?  Then check out the latest digital sampler from Sounds Like Brisbane.  This incredible collaboration compiles tracks from (18) different artists and their respective labels to create one mega Australian indie collective.  Genres include everything from jazz, to hip hop (that’s right Australian hip hop), country, alt-rock and…well…you get the picture. It’s a smattering of just about everything and here is the best part. You can download all (18) songs at once or listen to them one by one and download your favs…all for free!  Just go to and have at it!

There are a number of stand out performances but some of my personal favs include “Blue Blood” (DZ Deathrays), “Her Song” (The Medics), “These are a Few of My Favourite Flings” (The Good Ship), “Washed Up” (I Heart Hiroshima) and “Taxes” (Undead Apes).

Aside from the music, what I find most intriguing about the SLB project is that it’s genesis sprung from the labels themselves. Stephen Green from SGC New Media Marketing explains. “There were a few meetings and some of the labels were already helping each other out, so they thought they’d get together and make it official and start the SLB website. They figured that there’s so much good stuff going on that it made sense to pool their fans and let everyone sample what everyone else is doing.” It’s a brilliant idea but will it work?  Oh, I’d say so.  If memory serves me, I believe Dischord Records in DC made quite splash by unifying the DC punk scene, paving the way for a number influential bands back in the 80’s.  Then in the the 90s, it was bands like Pearl Jam, Mudhoney, Soundgarden and the like working together and supporting each other that set the stage not only for the “Seattle Sound” but entire grunge genre.  Given that track record, I’d say that the labels tying into the SLB know exactly what they are doing and we at Froglix applaud them for pushing the indie envelope and doing their part to get more great music out of the shadows and onto the world’s stage.

– Drago

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Ritalin… Ritalout… ¿qué Tejano?

artist: Vetoes | genre: alternative, indie-rock | label: SpaceRay Music
EP: Ritalin / Ritalout
Vetoes - Ritalin / Ritalout

It’s not often we mention a producer on here, but we would not have heard the band Vetoes if it weren’t for Adam Whittaker. And his hand can be found elsewhere on Froglix too (on a few earlier tracks from Grimus and Attention Thieves). Well, Adam now has a new label, SpaceRay Music, and we were honored when he sent us a preview of his first release a few weeks ago.
When I played “On The Waterfront” by Vetoes for Drago, his first response beat any description I tried to come up with… “sounds like a cross between Brit Pop and Tejano music on acid.” I’m not sure I totally agree with that depiction, but I do think it says something about my own lack of words. The sound is familiar enough that there’s a good chance you’re gonna like it if you like British alternative rock. But it’s also unique enough that you can’t say it’s just yet another alt-rock band heralding from Britannia. I still don’t think “Tejano music on acid” is quite right, but since I am yet to come up with anything better, it stands.
What I’m more sure about is that the things that make their sound different will be the same things that either make you love them or hate them. Personally, I want more.
Their EP, Ritalin / Ritalout drops worldwide on April 11, 2011 via SpaceRay/Believe. You don’t have to wait though. Download “On The Waterfront” as a FREE MP3 from right now!

– DMitch

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Ledaswan by the NUM83R5

artist: Ledaswan | genre: alternative, indie-rock | label: unsigned
album: NUM83R5…available now on [itunes link=”″ title=”NUM83R5 by Ledaswan”]


listen now:
Faulkner :: 25 Years :: What a Way Two Drown

We first introduced San Antonio indie-rockers Ledaswan to the Froglix Faithful via a recent video post for “Faulkner,” a de-lovely track from their latest self-released EP NUM83R5 (aka Numbers) with a promise that a full-fledged review would be forthcoming.  I am a man of my word…so here it goes.

A recent review on another network, as they say, refer to Ledaswan as having a “pop” sound.  Pop? Really?  If theses cats are pop than Brittany Spears is R&B. I’m not buying it.  This just in, melodic does not always have to equal pop.  Rant over…moving on.

Mazzy Star?  Nope.  The Cranberries? Definitely not. Erica Monzon (lead vox, guitars, keys), brothers Jaime and David Monzon (electric guitars, keys), Lalo Rodriguez (bass guitar) and Oscar Linares (drums) deserve a little more credit than being compared to the “standard” female fronted, alternative/indie rock bands. How about Gwen Stefani meets the Jesus and Mary Chain?  That’s a bit more like it. Was I smitten by Erica’s charming, diaphanous voice? Of course, I’m only human and…she’s really good!  Mind you, she’s not as gritty as Alison Mosshart from The Dead Weather nor as powerful as, dare I say it, Ann Wilson from Heart. But that’s a good thing as neither of those styles would work for this band.  Her voice (and stage presence for that matter) actually remind me somewhat of Sarah Shannon from Velocity Girl. Remember them?  Meanwhile, the colourful guitar work turned in by the brothers Monzon really stands out on this album but I especially like what they did with “What a Way to Drown.” Lalo’s active bass style on “25 Years” is quite impressive as it creates intresting textures while simultaneously staying in the pocket with Mr. Linares’ drumming which, quite frankly, is both stellar and solid all the way through.  Is that a piccolo snare I hear?  Tight.  Very tight.

So…my final ruling on Ledaswan?  I like ’em.  Not a little, but a lot.  Go to iTunes.  Get NUMB3R5. Learn it. Live it. Love it.

– Drago


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This Just In :: Damn Vandals Set Release Date for New Single

artist: Damn Vandals | genre: alternative, rock | label: unsigned

The UK’s Damn Vandals are soon to be back in the mix with a new single.  “Bayonet” is scheduled to be released next month (April 25th to be exact) but  you can check out a preview via the video above. For those of you new to the “DV” experience, the band all met while completing mandatory public service for, you guessed it, vandalism.  Graffiti art to be exact…which should become apparent after watching any of their videos.  Lead singer Jack Kansas is the “chief videographer” and you’ll see that he has quite a knack for creating interesting, if not memorable, videos to accompany their compositions.  In our Vandalism at Its Finest post from last year, we reference the band’s haunting lyrics and melancholy guitars as some our key “likes” and we are happy to hear that “Bayonet” offers some more of the good stuff.

– Drago

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Southern Fried Monday

artist: King Cotton | genre: rock, americana | label: unsigned

King Cotton

listen now:
Up All Night :: Them That Believe :: Where the Hell I’ve Gone

There once was a time when southern style rock was all the rage. A time when bands like Lynyrd Skynyrd (the original version), Blackfoot, The Allman Brothers and the like roamed free across these here United States and if were I to say that I was not a fan of their music (and others of that particular ilk) back in the day I’d be flat out lying.  A good friend told me once that, deep down, I had little redneck in me and, after years of denial, I have finally accepted this as truth.  Perhaps that’s why I feel so at home in West “Where men are men…and the sheep are nervous” Virginia? By the way, DMitch has a little redneck in him too but I’m not sure he’s ready to come out of the closet quite yet.  That’s ok.  We’ll give him some time.  But I digress.  The point that I am attempting to convey here is that, while I have heard “Sweet Home Alabama” way too many times in my life, I have not lost my fond affinity for the “southern fried” genre.

Enter King Cotton.  The Boise band that originally formed in the early part of 2009 and, after a brief hiatus and few line up changes, now features Grant Camp (lead vocals, guitar), Jeff Logan (drums, backing vocals), Ray Logan (saxophone, keys, backing vocals), Curt Wardhaugh (guitar, backing vocals) and Adam Young (bass). Their particular brand of “sonic gumbo,” as they refer to it, is quite rich and showcases a variety copacetic sounds.  “Up All Night” brings a blend of both gritty and clean guitars, throws in some groovy organ in the background and a hook that is a mix between Tom Petty and Dylan (the younger, Wall Flowers version that is.) The bluesy verses of “Them That Believe” give way to a groovy pre-chorus that makes for an interesting combination for sure while the acoustic start to “Where the Hell I’ve Gone” reminded me of something that Clapton might have played on his now infamous unplugged album.  What I like most about this tune, however, happens at about the 1:54 mark when the mood does a complete 180 and thus begins the interplay of guitars and violins as the song rides out and fades way.  Brilliantly done.

I’m glad to see that a genre of music that I enjoyed so much during my “formative” years is still going strong.  Carry on King Cotton, carry on.

– Drago


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Jump Back :: The Week In Review

This week we broke out with The Chain Gang of 1974…and I just now got Thurdeen’s reference in the title. How sad is that?  I am sharp! Regardless, “Matter of Time” is a great tune and definitely worth a listen from their MySpace page.  DMitch pimped some of OT-musicboy’s new tuneage…and…uh…I have to agree, that cat plays some good music but that name…arg.  We then followed up with a video from San Antonio indie rockers Ledaswan which is just a prelude to a full review due out next week.  Finally, (3) tracks from HUB brought yours truly to the stunning realization that there are some good singer-songwriters out there!

Next week…more from Ledaswan, King Cotton and much more!  Until then…peace!


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Drago Needs Help and HUB Delivers

HUBartist: HUB
genre: indie-pop, alt-rock
label: unsigned
listen now:
Upside Down :: Forget Them :: Round and Round

Ok. I have something that I just have to get off my chest.  My name is Drago and, under normal circumstances, I have a complete and utter disdain for “singer-songwriters.” Whew!  I feel much better now.  I’m not altogether sure from whence this animosity emanates or, to that end, what even sparked it in the first place but admitting you have a problem is the first step…right?  In any event, I was just about to seek therapy (yes…again) in attempts to uncover the genesis of this rather troubling condition when along comes Josh McFadden and his brainchild HUB.  Crisis averted. In fact, I was about half way through HUB’s latest album 8 before I even realized that HUB was actually Josh (and vice versa, of course.)  I’m not sure if he is pulling a Kravitz here and playing all of the instruments on this record (perhaps he’ll weigh in via the comments and let us know) but if he is I am duly impressed.
“Upside Down” gets out the gate and in yo face from the get go with an opening chord sequence that immediately had me thinking “Oasis!”  I suspect that those who consider themselves to fans of the the brothers Gallagher (and even those that don’t) will appreciate the comparison as well as the song.  Other notable tracks include “Forget Them” which sports a groovy riff that gives way to a harmony filled hook that I just can’t shake out of me mellon while “Round and Round” swings a bit more to the subtle side compared to the rest of the disc and rocks it with a brit-pop kind of style.
Start to finish 8 is an energetic thrill ride and, while I can’t say I’m 100% cured of my malady, HUB certainly has opened my eyes and, more importantly, my ears to the possibility of a full recovery.

– Drago

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Preview to a Review

artist: Ledaswan | genre: alternative, indie-rock| label: unsigned

Check out this video from San Antonio’s Ledaswan. This particular track is entitled “Faulkner” and is included as part of their latest studio EP NUM83R5 available on [itunes link=”″ title=”Ledaswan”].

Be on the lookout for an “official” Froglix review in the not too distant future.  In the meantime…dig the vid.

– Drago


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Sing Music Boy, Sing

OT-musicboyartist: OT-musicboy
album: Jump Over (a fence of electric sound)
genre: Indie Rock
label: unsigned
listen now:
Not A Song :: Did You Tell Your Mother
You Knew :: Dance (with the musicboy)

buy now: [itunes link=”″ title=”OT – Musicboy”]

Why do I feel like OT-musicboy is a guilty pleasure? Maybe it’s because I didn’t think I was going to like him. I certainly don’t get his name. I also think the album title, Jump Over (a fence of electric sound), sounds just a tad cheesy. He could also probably make use of a better photographer. Fair or not, first impressions set expectations. But damn it, after the first few guitar plucks starting “Not A Song” I knew I couldn’t just dismiss him. And damn it again, the first verse’s lyrics were pure poetry. And his voice is just solid. And not to sound too cliché, but the tone of his voice is just “believable”. By the time it hit the chorus I was all in.
Petros Kozis is OT-musicboy. Austrian born, Greek raised, and clearly, musically speaking, American influenced. On every track he is guitar(s), bass, and vox. And this album is chock full of really good tracks. “You Knew” does a brilliant job of slowly building right up to the chorus where it somehow makes sense that you’re singing the namesake of the song along with him. “Did You Tell Your Mother” drips in the blues. Hearing it makes me think I’m hearing Tom Jones singing a tragedy. Finally, “Dance (with the musicboy)” is just downright unabashed dance-fastic fun.
Moral of the story: don’t judge a book by its cover. Oh, and everyone is allowed a few guilty pleasures.

– DMitch