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Simply Punk :: SIMPL3JACK

artist: SIMPL3JACK | genre: punk | label: Holy War Entertainment

What do you get when a thirteen year old boy falls asleep and dreams of a space odyssey searching for Bob Mould and Grant Hart from Hüsker Dü? You get a song dedicated to White Stripes drummer Meg White of course. If that makes any sense to you at all then you are going to love the oft-times quirky lyrics delivered in the classic hardcore punk style that SIMPL3JACK delivers.
What else do you need to know? They are young teenagers; they are from Northern California; their lyrics aren’t going to inspire a revolution, a small uprising or win a Pulitzer, for that matter…but they are downright clever. Most of all though…these cats can play and they’re good. Really good.
Sample a few tracks from their newest release (below) and,  if you like these, then we recommend heading on over to iTunes and download the whole album for yourself.

Song For Meg :: Carny Asada :: Lizard Wash
[itunes link=”″ title=”SIMPL3JACK”]

– DMitch

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Making the Kut

The KutThere is some exciting news coming out of the UK as we have just recently learned that Criminal Records recording artists The Kut are in discussions with the folks from the Rock Band video game to be included in a future release.  How cool is that?!?!?!?  If it all works out, and we certainly hope it does, Maha, Elvira and Jade could very well find themselves immortalized in video game lore along side other notable artists such as The Donnas, Rilo Kiley, Metric, The Sounds and No Doubt.  Negotiations are on going and a resolution is expected sometime this summer so stay tuned for updates.

– Drago

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The Lemmings Speaketh

In a recent interview with Master Seven Records’ Tom Beninate, Quinn and Andj from The Treading Lemmings discuss everything from their latest album Cliff Notes to the impact of the internet and social media has had on promoting their music.  It’s entertaining, insightful and a good read.
Click here for the full interview.

– Drago

P.S.  The Lemmings are live at The Axum Lounge in Washington, DC tomorrow night!

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Indie Pop from Aussie Land

artist: San Cisco | genre: indie pop | label: Jarrah Records

‘Golden Revolver’ is the not only the latest track added to the global broadcast but is also the first from the Australian indie-pop quartet by the name of San Cisco.   Josh Biondillo (guitar, keys, vox), Jordi Davieson (guitar, keys, vox), Scarlett Stevens (drums, vox) and  Nick Gardner (bass, keys) weave an impish groove with a certain a “Kookish” quality that is quite digable.  Take a listen and you’ll see what I mean.  – Drago


Technical Hiccups

We apologize for Froglix going up and down a bit the last few days. We are currently migrating to bigger and better infrastructure and we’ve had our share of hiccups along the way. The migration isn’t over yet, so please bear with us. Everything should be back to normal (and even better) very soon.

– DMitch

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…an End and a Beginning

artist: Mark Munroe | genre: alternative, rock | itunes: [itunes link=”″ title=”Mark_Munroe-Secrets_and_Lies_(Single_Version)” text=”[object Selection]

Secrets and Lies
Word has recently reached our ears that brothers Mark and Ian Munroe (better known as IM Munroe) have decided to make a musical split.  While we’re not sure exactly why they have decided to go their separate ways, as anyone who has been in a band can attest, “artistic differences” can usually be fingered as the culprit.  Regardless of the reason, we certainly appreciate their music and were honoured to have been given the chance to share it with the Froglix Faithful around the world.
So where to do they go from here?  Well, we are pleased to report that at least one of the Monroe’s is already back at it and recording new music on his own.  Mark’s newest single entitled ‘Secrets and Lies’ explores new areas of sound as he pairs his undeniably unique vocals with more electronic instrumentation than we’ve heard before.  The synths are by no means overwhelming and while they do create a mood than is noticeably different than his previous work with brother Ian, the change is indeed an interesting one and definitely worth a listen.

– Drago