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artist: Race You There | genre: indie-pop, alt-rock | label: unsigned

Race You There

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White Flag    Casualties

It’s no secret.  Music is everywhere.  One could travel to the far reaches of this our beloved planet Earth and could easily find people from the remotest locales expressing themselves through some sort of musical medium.   As has been said/written about many times before on this very website…there are plenty of good bands and talented songwriters out there but what really catches our ear here at Froglix is good ole fashioned originality. Anyone can be a good copycat (just ask Blink 182, Sum 41 or any other “insert emo-punk band” here) but it takes a bit of a different breed to swim upstream and define something that is truly your own.  Thankfully, our newest addition to the broadcast has done just that.

Tucson, Arizona’s Race You There is a four-piece alternative/indie-pop band that is more than just good.  They are truly original and their latest EP, aptly entilted Catalyst, is an excellent example of talented musicians pooling their collective energies enroute to creating something that is unique and imaginative.  From the melancholy opening track, “Low Armaments” to the upbeat “Casualties” to the quirky/syncopated riddim of “Dear Lewis Fry” and ending with the sparkly sounds of “White Flag,” this EP is awash in rich compositions further highlighted by excellent dynamics and strong vocals. I was impressed not only with their performance, which was stellar, but their overall approach to songwriting.  It’s quite poetic really and, dare I say, you will be drawn in from the jump.  This is indie done right.

– Drago

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  • DMitch 2011.06.08 at 11.01 pm

    I love it. It’s such a refreshing sound; their talent is quite obvious.

  • Brian 2011.06.10 at 10.40 am

    This music is crisp and clean like the smell of a new bar of soap. It reminds me of an on stage production at a themed resort or higher budgeted cruise ship entertainment. Let me see those jazz hands and big smiles guys and girl! Great job!

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