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Simply Punk :: SIMPL3JACK

artist: SIMPL3JACK | genre: punk | label: Holy War Entertainment What do you get when a thirteen year old boy falls asleep and dreams of a space odyssey searching for Bob Mould and Grant Hart from Hüsker Dü? You get a song dedicated to White Stripes drummer Meg White of course. If that makes any sense to you at all…

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Making the Kut

There is some exciting news coming out of the UK as we have just recently learned that Criminal Records recording artists The Kut are in discussions with the folks from the Rock Band video game to be included in a future release.  How cool is that?!?!?!?  If it all works out, and we certainly hope it does, Maha, Elvira and…

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The Lemmings Speaketh

In a recent interview with Master Seven Records’ Tom Beninate, Quinn and Andj from The Treading Lemmings discuss everything from their latest album Cliff Notes to the impact of the internet and social media has had on promoting their music.  It’s entertaining, insightful and a good read. Click here for the full interview. – Drago P.S.  The Lemmings are live…

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Picture This

artist: Picture Atlantic | genre: alternative, rock | label: unsigned I like what I hear from San Jose California’s Picture Atlantic.  They’re an American band with a definite English influence, which perhaps played a role in Coldplay selecting them to open one of their San Jose shows.  Or maybe Coldplay took a shine to singer Nikolaus Bartunek’s falsetto, which often…

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Indie Pop from Aussie Land

artist: San Cisco | genre: indie pop | label: Jarrah Records ‘Golden Revolver’ is the not only the latest track added to the global broadcast but is also the first from the Australian indie-pop quartet by the name of San Cisco.   Josh Biondillo (guitar, keys, vox), Jordi Davieson (guitar, keys, vox), Scarlett Stevens (drums, vox) and  Nick Gardner (bass, keys) weave…

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Thurdeen Digz Kidneythieves

artist: Kidneythieves genre: alternative, industrial, rock label: unsigned Some things just work well together. Peanut butter and jelly, waffles and ice cream, Goobers and popcorn. Perhaps I shouldn’t have skipped dinner. Regardless, listening to Kidneythieves (one word, thank you), makes me think of successful combos. Kidneythieves write loud and pulsing songs, but songs that, at their heart, are simple sing-a-longs.…

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