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Reminiscing about Elkland and Discovering The Drums

artist: The Drums | genre: indie pop | label: unsigned | [itunes link=”″ title=”The Drums”]

I just had a bit of a “where are they now” moment. Back in 2005 I went to see Erasure at the 9:30 Club in Washington, DC. A band called Elkland opened the show and it turned out to be one of the most entertaining opening acts I’ve ever seen. I’ve never personally witnessed a stage presence quite like lead singer Jonny Pierce’s before or since. I went home and got their album, enjoyed listening to it, always smiling as I thought about that show.
Fast forward almost 6 years… about a week ago I was out driving one evening and I put my iPod on random and up pops Elkland. I immediately remembered that concert and smiled. I got home and I searched to see what they were doing now only to find out that Elkland fizzled away shortly after that 2005 tour. But out of those ashes came The Drums. The Jonny Pierce sound is distinct and you instantly recognize it in both bands; but, while Elkland was quite keyboard-laden electro-pop, The Drums are just guitar (Jacob Graham and Tom Haslow), drums (Connor Hanwick) and vox (Jonny Pierce). And although both have a very 80’s feel to them, The Drums pull off a much more fresh and current sound. So if you ever heard Elkland (or Goat Explosion, an even earlier incarnation), then you need to check out The Drums. In fact, you should check out The Drums regardless.
OK… yes I know… I’m 5 years late to the show.

– DMitch

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Stand Up for P-Nuckle

artist: P-Nuckle | genre: reggae, punk | label: Revolution Sound Lab

listen now
Down Step
Love To Love Her
No Justice

The storied connection between reggae and punk goes back many, many moons.  Clubs who were brave enough to cater to punk and hardcore bands used to play reggae in between sets so as to settle the crowd down before the next band hit the stage.  It worked.  I, myself, remember many a night spent in the hallowed halls of the old 930 Club in downtown Washington.  Dag Nasty, Government Issue and the like ripped the roof of the joint back in the day.  The pits were massive and the air electric from the very first power chord to the last cymbal crash.  It was mayhem and it was awesome.  Then, before the band could even unplug their guitars the reggae vibrations would descend upon the crowd from the rafters above, or so it seemed, like a tepid tropical breeze and, almost instantly, order was restored.  While punk and reggae coexisted at the same show, it was the godfathers of the DC hardcore scene that actually married the two genres in the same set.  If it please the court, I enter exhibit A…Bad Brains.  HR, Dr. No, Darryl Jennifer and Earl Hudson proved that a band’s sound was defined by, well, the band and not some corporate A&R cat looking to cash in on the next big thing.  It is because of those reggae/punk experiences from back in the day that I developed a deep seeded appreciation and respect for both genres.

Flash forward to today and we find a global indie music seen abounding in talented reggae and punk bands.  Nothing startling there.   However, it’s a very rare occasion indeed to find a band ambitious/courageous enough these days to attempt to merge the (2) long acquainted musical styles…let alone one that can pull it off.  That, my friends, is what makes Colorado’s P-Nuckle so intriguing.  They blend the smoothness of roots reggae, the riddim of dancehall and the energy of emo-punk in such a way that the transitions are virtually seamless.  The tracks just fit.  Granted their style is not as hardcore in either direction as Bad Brains was but then again, whose is?!  Their most recently release, Stand Up, certainly captures the essence of the band’s sound however, after seeing some video clips of the boys in action, for one to truly experience all that is P-Nuckle their live show is a must.  These cats are the complete package.

– Drago

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Back In the Mix

Treading LemmingsDC’s The Treading Lemmings are back in the studio working on tracks for their upcoming full length disc due out this summer. According to Lemmings’ front man Quinn, the album Cliff Notes (working title), once released, will not disappoint and, more to the point, will make quite a favourable impression on many a discerning ear.  Having heard the Lemmings live, in the studio and on many recordings I would tend to agree with him.  Interestingly enough, the Lemmings have also started to catalogue their studio experience via a blog on their MySpace page so be sure to check it out at
Not to be out done, our friends from Canada, the grunge master generals themselves, 22nd Century are working on a follow up to their first EP Apartment 22nd Century Live!509 as well.  In addition to the new the full-length release, they are also planning a spring tour that should include a CD release show in the Big Apple sometime in mid-may.

– Drago

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Dig it…The Best of OuterSound

The Best of Outersound - 2009
We round out 2009 with the Best of OuterSound.  It is a compilation of some (but not all) of the best indie music that has been delivered to the Froglix Faithful via our monthly OuterSound podcast and/or our global broadcast on Froglix Radio.  This first year-end edition could easily have been 2-3 times as long as it was very difficult to pick the songs for this episode.  We have, however settled on a final “Best of” list and it is, in order of appearance:
Rude City Riot (Vancouver, Canada), The Kut (UK), IM Munroe (Toronto, Canada), Treading Lemmings (Washington, DC), Lux Leopard (Sochi, Russia),  Everything Zen (Cleveland, OH), Mars Accelerator (Seattle, WA), Glue Factory (Long Beach, CA), Part One Tribe (Long Beach, CA), Cellarscape (UK), Artsy Pop (Paris, France), Black Knight (Australia), Nadine Loren (Los Angeles, CA) and Sharif (Los Angeles, CA).

Best of OuterSound – 2009

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Hand Painted Swinger

Hand Painted Swinger - Speed Humpgenre: alternative | modern rock
label: unsigned
listen now…
Magic Potion
Katie 180
Sweet Addiction

Froglix welcomes modern rock aficionados, Hand Painted Swinger to the broadcast with selections from their album Speed Hump.  Interestingly enough, I was first introduced to the founding members of HPS many moons ago while working as a bouncer at a bar just outside of Washington, DC.  At the time, Jim Higley (vox/guitar), Billy Plank (drums/vocals), and Bob Sellhouse (guitar/vocals) were performing as part of a top flight cover band called the PestStrips.  Eventually, after a very successful run which earned them a number of accolades from the mid-Atlantic music community, they disbanded to pursue other opportunities and passions.  The three amigos reunited after a brief hiatus and began writing and recording new material as HPS.  The end result is a carefully crafted sound that pulls from a wide range of musical influences.  Higley’s crisp, clear vocals resonate beautifully as they illuminate well-written lyrics that draw upon a bevy of life experiences that just about anyone can relate to.  Plank, Sellhouse, and bassist Chris Sussman provide a backdrop of melodies, harmonies, and hooks that glue it all together.  Hand Painted Swinger is in a good place with their music because they know who they are and, more importantly, what they want to be as a band.   It is that confidence that insulates them from the noise and quiets the din that negatively impacts so many musicians trying to become the next “big thing”.  HPS is focused on writing and performing real, honest music and, from the sounds of it, they have succeeded.


Upcoming Shows

Dec 4 2009 9:30P
NEW LISTING: Austin Grill (Full Band) Rockville, Maryland
Dec 5 2009 8:00P
Dogfish Head (Jim/Bob Acoustic Show) Falls Church, Virginia
Dec 12 2009 8:00P
Dogfish Head (Jim/Bob Acoustic Show) Gaithersburg, Maryland
Dec 18 2009 9:30P
Greene Turtle (Full Band) Germantown, Maryland
Jan 9 2010 8:00P
Main Cup (Jim/Bob Acoustic Show) Middletown, Maryland