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Grunge…Italian Style

artist: Thisorder :: genre: alternative | rock | grunge :: label: unsigned

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Late Empire :: Unus

Your friends here at Froglix are pretty impressed with the alternative music coming out of the “the Boot” and that’s saying something because we don’t impress easy.  Italy’s Thisorder delivers a healthy dose of melodic mayhem that packs a respectable punch without going overboard.   This, my friends, is a good thing because while I dig music with an edge I’d prefer that it not be accompanied by the guttural utterance of strung out anger mavens…please and thank you.  Fortunately, that is NOT what you get with Thisorder.  Emanuel Rontino’s vox is a versatile one in that it can pull off both the “alt” (as demonstrated on the track ‘Unus’) as well the “rock” (check out ‘Late Empire’).  The guitar work of Marco Albanelli adds just the right spice to the mix as he, bassist Domenico Muscariello and drummer Tommasao Manna drape their compositions with a soundscape that pairs the aggressive nature of grunge with the melodious agility of alt-rock.   Inner Island, released earlier this year, was mastered in New York City at Sterling sound by Justin Shurtz who has worked with a number of very successful artists such as the now defunct Fall Out Boy as well as My Chemical Romance, Seether and Slipknot.  We digs it.

– Drago