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Tour Update: The Joy Formidable

Coming to a city relatively near you, my friends…shows are selling out so click here bee-yottches so get yo tix asap.


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KOKO Beware

The Joy Formidable on [itunes link=”″ title=”The_Joy_Formidable”]

Take a load off with a The Joy Formidable’s most recent single called “A Heavy Abacus” which will be included as part of their forthcoming EP to entitled Roarities.   The way cool live version featured above was recorded at live at the legendar KOKO in Camden, London.

Guess what…still love this band.  Why?  Becasue they rock and because they have a method to their alt-rock madness…record, tour, repeat.  Their day is coming…it’s just a matter of time.

– Drago

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Flashback :: The Alarm

The past seven (7) days have been absolutely crazy and while there has been no time to write I could not, in could conscience, allow the sun to set on the week without the Flashback.

froglix flashback

The alt-rock explosion that emanated from across the Big Pond back in the day was spearheaded by a number of different bands with just as many different sounds.  We could debate the merits of the Liverpool versus the London versus the Manchester sound until we were blue in the face.  We might even find ourselves coming to blows like a couple of rowdy Hooligans at a soccer match but in the end the only thing that would be accomplished would be…well…nothing.  So let’s elevate things to the country level then, shall we?  It is my contention that if we are talking the UK here, and we are, the top (4) alternative band from the ’80s would be, in my humble but accurate opinion, Big Country (Scotland), U2 (Ireland), The Clash (England) and the band feature above…The Alarm from Wales–North Wales to be exact.

From their humble beginnings in 1977 as a punk band called The Toilets (good gracious, what were they thinking) to an opening act for U2 and, eventually, a headlining band, Mike Peters, Dave Sharp, Eddie MacDonald and Nigel Twist drew inspiration from their Welsh culture and channeled it into their music.  Wrought with raw emotion, The Alarm’s big sound (and hair for that matter) cemented their place at the table and while the original band has been broken up for some time now, it’s hard to argue their impact on alternative music.

“Rain in the Summertime” was released in 1987 on Eye of the Hurricane (IRS Records) and also featured a couple of other Alarm classics, namely “Rescue Me” and “One Step Closer to Home.” Three (3) great songs on what would be a very strong follow up to 1984’s Declaration and 1985’s Strength.  For ten (10) years these cats poured it on with classic after classic…“Sold Me Down a River”, “Love Don’t Come Easy”, “Blaze of Glory” and the timeless anthem “68 Guns.”

It was all going so well until Peters announced he was leaving the band during a performance at Brixton Academy.  The crowd was stunned and his bandmates shocked.  What was he thinking?  I’m sure I don’t know but what I do know this; “I love to feel the rain in the summer time…”

– Drago

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The Joy Formidable's Spring Tour

Given the bevy of US tour dates this Spring, if you miss seeing The Joy Formidable live it’s because you didn’t really want to see them in the first place. Their coast to coast tour kicks off at The Earl in Hotlanta just (2) days after the official start of Spring on March 22nd. From there they hit the rest of the east coast before making their way across the Heartland of America, across to the left coast and then back again to finish up in NYC. This tour also includes stops at SXSW and Coachella.
You can check out the complete tour listing, purchase tickets and pre-order a digital copy of their debut album The Big Roar (scheduled to drop on March 14th) all from their website. Can’t wait to see their show at the Black Cat in DC!

– Drago

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Quirky and Cool…Austere from The Joy Formidable

I’m in…hook, line and sinker.  Check out the new vid from The Joy Formidable for their latest track…‘Austere.’ Can’t wait to see these cats (and chic) live next time they come to the States.  Digz it I do!

– Drago

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New Song, New Vid…The Joy Formidable

artist: The Joy Formidable | genre: alt-rock | label: Canvasback

Today’s post is short, sweet and simply this…I freaking love this band.  – Drago

upcoming shows

Oct 01 King Tuts Wah Wah Hut Glasgow, United Kingdom
Oct 02 The Tunnels Aberdeen, United Kingdom
Oct 04 Manchester Academy Manchester, United Kingdom
Oct 05 O2 Academy 2 Newcastle Newcastle Upon Tyne, United Kingdom
Oct 06 Cockpit, Leeds Leeds, United Kingdom
Oct 07 Sugarmill Stoke On Trent, United Kingdom
Oct 08 Millennium Music Hall Cardiff, United Kingdom
Oct 10 O2 Academy2 Oxford Oxford, United Kingdom
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What's that Whirring Sound?

artist: The Joy Formidable
genre: alternative | rock

Welsh rockers The Joy Formidable and their killer track ‘Whirring’.  We hope this will tide you over until their full-length disc is released but if, perchance, another fix is needed click here to check out the video for their newest singlePopinjay’.