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New Music from Mother Russia

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Label: indie
alternative | indie-pop

Along the sprawling shores of the Black Sea, with the snow capped Caucausus Mountains as a majestic backdrop, lies the resort town of Sochi, Russia, which, in addition to being selected to host the 2014 Olympic games, is also home to our latest addition to the global broadcast.  We are delighted to welcome Lux Leopard to the fold and happier still to be sharing tracks from their 2009 demo CD with the Froglix faithful around the world.  Karina Yunusova (Vox), Eugene Kuznetsov (Guitars), Alsan Gedgafov (Bass) and David Ogan’yan (Drums) skillfully pool their collective talents to forge an energetic cadence draped in sparkling melodies that lift the spirit.  Fans of Bjork, the Sundays, Frou Frou and the like will totally dig this band and, while Lux Leopard is just the 2nd band from the Russian Federation to join the rotation (Static Free being the other), we sincerely hope this is the beginning of a trend.  The indie music coming out of Mother Russia these days is excellent and more than holds its own against the rest of the world…Lux Leopard is no exception.  Enjoy!