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Dancehall, Roots & Rap

artist: MasSicker | genre: dancehall, reggae | label: unsigned

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Look Around :: New Millennium Rasta :: Mek Dem Gwaan

As  part of reggae’s next generation, MasSicker (aka King Mas) draws upon a myriad of influences en route to a melodic sound that blends the best dancehall, roots and hip hop.   His rhythmic lyrics are set against an urban backdrop of beats that are complimented by a sprinkling of guitars, keys, synths and, of course, phat bass lines.  You’re going to want to turn the low end EQ up along with the volume to get truly experience the feel of MasSicker’s music, especially if you are in the car and have speakers that are halfway decent.  One piece of advice…don’t fight it.  Bass up, lean back and enjoy the ride.


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That's the Story…

artist: Miss Geo & The Metrics
genre: indie pop, electronic
album: The Story
label: unsigned
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Snake Soiree :: Hooked :: The Story

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2009’s The Story by Miss Geo & The Metrics is DIY done right.  Eight (8) long months of recording in basements and, apparently, warehouses has produced an indie-pop album that holds its own against any of the overly compressed/pathologically polished drones force fed to the masses by corporate radio…that’s a good thing, in case you were wondering :-).  The indie-pop hooks in songs like “Snake Soiree” (my personal fav) are catchy but not campy as Abby Gutierrez’s (aka Miss Geo) vocals create an element of warmth that surrounds imaginative lyrics sprung from a fertile mind.  The opening guitar riff in “Hooked” waxes a bit Depeche Mode-ish but from there the track takes on a life very much it’s own.  All in all, debut or not, Miss Geo and her merry maidens have put forth a strong showing with this disc and the word on their street is that they are back in the studio recording a follow up.  We’re not sure exactly when it’s scheduled to drop but we expect/hope it will before 2010 is in the history books.

– Drago

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Casper the Indie Rocker

artist: Casper Jones :: genre: rock|folk|alt-country :: album: Delicious Creation :: label: unsigned

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Bleeding Heart :: Better Man

To be quite frank, I really didn’t think I would dig this one all that much as I am just not very fond of alt-country/indie/add your own adjective here.  As I pressed play on the mp3 player I cringed, bracing myself for the impending train wreck of sound that was sure to follow.   But it didn’t.  To my pleasant and wonderful surprise, Delicious Creation, the 2009 debut album by Danish guitarist/singer-songwriter Casper Jones (now living in Boston, MA) showcases Jones’ edgy guitars as his soulful lyrics laced with alt-rock angst take center stage for an Incubus meets Cracker kind of experience.
As the first power chords of Bleeding Heart’ rang out I found myself intrigued and looking forward to what was coming next…even though I had no idea what that could be.  Then, much to my chagrin, the next (2) tracks I listened to (‘Nothing Else’ and ‘One Night in Hell’) left me scratching my head as I now found myself looking for the folk/alt-country influence.  Where was it?  Next, I queued up ‘Better Man’.  The song opened with a bright country/blues riff…and there it was.  There’s the rub.  However, that which I had feared I actually found to be quite a refreshing compliment.  In fact, I would be being less than truthful were I not to admit that I was somewhat enamored with the bouncy tempo of Jones’ crisp/melodic guitar work.
Casper Jones’ Delicious Creation is a serendipity of sound that truly lives up to it’s namesake.

– Drago