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Sing Music Boy, Sing

OT-musicboyartist: OT-musicboy
album: Jump Over (a fence of electric sound)
genre: Indie Rock
label: unsigned
listen now:
Not A Song :: Did You Tell Your Mother
You Knew :: Dance (with the musicboy)

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Why do I feel like OT-musicboy is a guilty pleasure? Maybe it’s because I didn’t think I was going to like him. I certainly don’t get his name. I also think the album title, Jump Over (a fence of electric sound), sounds just a tad cheesy. He could also probably make use of a better photographer. Fair or not, first impressions set expectations. But damn it, after the first few guitar plucks starting “Not A Song” I knew I couldn’t just dismiss him. And damn it again, the first verse’s lyrics were pure poetry. And his voice is just solid. And not to sound too cliché, but the tone of his voice is just “believable”. By the time it hit the chorus I was all in.
Petros Kozis is OT-musicboy. Austrian born, Greek raised, and clearly, musically speaking, American influenced. On every track he is guitar(s), bass, and vox. And this album is chock full of really good tracks. “You Knew” does a brilliant job of slowly building right up to the chorus where it somehow makes sense that you’re singing the namesake of the song along with him. “Did You Tell Your Mother” drips in the blues. Hearing it makes me think I’m hearing Tom Jones singing a tragedy. Finally, “Dance (with the musicboy)” is just downright unabashed dance-fastic fun.
Moral of the story: don’t judge a book by its cover. Oh, and everyone is allowed a few guilty pleasures.

– DMitch