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Everyone Loves a Variety

genre: ska | punk | reggae
label: VDub Records

Variety Workshop_blogPunk, ska, reggae…these are just a few of my favourite things and, as luck would have it, these are also the calling cards for the latest addition to Froglix Radio.  Variety Workshop comes to us from sunny Tampa, Florida and they bring with them an eclectic mix that incorporates a myriad of genres en route to an all-original sound explosion.   My favourite tracks are ‘Change’ which bounces back and forth between a third-wave and skate punk feel while ‘U Suck Noodles trips the light fandango with groovy reggae riddims juxtaposed against edgier guitars and rock phrasing.  (Click here and check out the live version at Youtube.)  Wanna hear more of VW’s punk side?  No worries.  Just tee up ‘Tetris Attack’ for a heavy dose of attitude a-plenty!    Come to think of it…that’s what you get with whole disc!  This is a good one my friends…check it out fo sho!

– Drago

listen now…
U Suck Noodles
Tetris Attack

upcoming shows

Mar 13 2010 11:00P
Gasoline Alley with RISE OF SATURN & MORE! *ALL AGES!* Largo, Florida
Mar 17 2010 10:00P
St. Patty’s Day/Spring Break at The Beach BAR! Clearwater Beach, Florida
Mar 27 2010 11:00P
The Dunedin Brewery!!! Dunedin, Florida
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New Music from Two of LBR's Finest…Glue Factory & Part One Tribe

Glue FactoryWe recently received a package from Longbeach Records, the contents of which made our eyes and, eventually, our ears pop out! As we opened the box we found, tucked away inside, a number of new discs for our review from some of the best Third Wave and Punk bands on the planet. We’re still going through it all, but here’s a sampling of what we’ve dug into so far…

84 Day Syndrome, the newest release from Long Beach, CA’s Glue Factory, comes fully equipped with (10) tracks of pure adrenalin that hit harder than a Tyson uppercut. Keep your guard up as GF”s blend of hardcore, punk and rock comes at you fast and furious in a cascading barrage of sound full of ferocity and velocity. This disc flat out rocks.

Obvious As EverFlorida’s Part One Tribe, also on the LBR label, beautifully incorporates their reggae, rock & blues stylings in Obvious As Ever, the band’s most recent full-length CD. After 10 albums (6 studio recordings and 4 live albums) and literally over 1000 performances across the United States, they give true meaning to the words “hardest working band in the business”. You’d think that after a while the bump and grind of the road would take it’s toll…not so for these cats. The tracks on this disc are fresh, original, and full of a soulful vibe that can only be delivered by the Tribe.