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The Exits Re-Enter

artist: The Exits | genre: electronic, alt-rock | label: Criminal Records

Many moons ago, our friends at Criminal Records contacted us about this band from Portsmouth, England that we just had to hear. Had to hear? Well, to be frank, I’ve heard that before and, on more than one occasion, have been duly unimpressed with what it was that I just “had to hear.” However, such was not the case this particular time as I was quite smitten with both The Exits and their debut single “Neon City.” As I soaked in their intriguing and energetic sound, I was nearly convinced that big things lay in store for this band…but I would need to hear more to be certain.  I anxiously awaited their debut album to drop.  I waited…and waited…and then waited some more but, to my dismay, no album.  Not only was there no word of an album, there was no word of anything.  It was like they had disappeared.

Fast forward to the present.  Apparently, what I didn’t know was that there was a reason for the radio silence.  Tension and in-fighting had taken its toll on the band and so, as a result, they took a bit of a hiatus. We recently received word, however, that they are very much back in the mix and, more importantly, headed back to the studio to record some new material.  Hooray! At the time of this writing Froglix is still awaiting confirmation from their label, but it appears that there are (4) demos posted on their MySpace page.  “Dead On Arrival” and “Broken Smile” trip the light electronica with pulsating synths giving way to Manchester-like vocals.  While with “Romancing In Paris” and “Black” they tone it down and a slow it down for chilled-out sound lies somewhere between Oasis and Pink Floyd.  The contrast is excellent.  Again, even though these tracks appear to be “demo” versions I’d say they are back on track.

Welcome back gents…for what it’s worth, we’ve missed you!

– Drago