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The Hoose Is Loose

genre: punk | rock | power-pop
label: unsigned

Somewhere between the incredibly brilliant and the criminally insane lies our newest addition to the broadcast…otherwise know as Sickhoose.  Their latest release, a 3 song ditty entitled Nozdrilz, comes pre-installed with a respectable dose of angst-laden guitars and syncopated rhythms (Stuart Copeland would be so proud) which, in turn, provide a compelling backdrop for a vocal element that effortlessly intermixes melody and harmony.
For those who like a little more “umph” in their indie, look no further as the Sickhoose pendulum clearly swings to edgier side of the alternative music spectrum.  Britain’s Ad Lee and Davy Pecket beautifully slam 10 lbs of punk-infused power pop into a 5 lb sack.  That being said, rest assured theirs is not an experiment in discordant feedback or disconnected power chords played as part of some cathartic release suggested by their therapist.  Quite the contrary.  Actually, for a genre that has many imitators and impersonators, it’s quite invigorating to hear something creative and unique.  Now if I could only figure out what the names of their songs mean!  Regardless, well done mates, well done.

– Drago

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Run For Your Lives…Killer Godzilla Debuts on Froglix

Killer Godzillagenre: rock
label: unsigned

Making their debut on Froglix is the “reptilian rampage” from Newcastle upon Tyne, England better known as Killer Godzilla.  These blokes offer a distinct brand of music that is sure to capture the hearts of those rock fundamentalists known to favour the guitar heavy tuneage made famous by bands such as AC/DC and Zeppelin.  However, their indie edge also provides a conduit for those who fancy The White Stripes, Foo Fighters, Queens of the Stoneage and the like to enjoy them as well.  Shauny (vox), Marty (guitar), Si (drums) and Oz (bass) have created a lovely hybrid that definitely deserves a listen.  Froglix is pumped to present for your listening pleasure (2) tracks off of their self-titled release “Love You Long Time” and “Karate For Fat Girls”.  Don’t let the track names fool you.  Killer Godzilla are writing and peforming some excellent indie fare…but don’t take my word for it.  Listen for yourself…


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Love You Long Time
Karate For Fat Girls

– Drago

upcoming shows

Dec 11 2009 8:00P
The Cluny 2 Newcastle, Northeast
Jan 28 2010 8:00P
Trillians Newcastle