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OuterSound :: The Stomp Episode

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OuterSound :: June 2011
In this month’s installment of OuterSound Froglix is featuring a double shot of songs from (5) spectacular bands…all on the Stomp Records label.  Needless to say, we have been quite impressed with the talent currently being amassed in the Stomp stable of artists, the latest of which includes the aforementioned Kings of Canadian Ska, Rude City Riot, and while we don’t have any RCR in this particular podcast, we will in the very near future.  So be sure check back frequently or, better yet, subscribe to OuterSound on iTunes!
As for this particular show, prepare yourself to be hit right between the eyes with some of the best ska, pyscho-billy, punk, polka (that’s right…freaking polka!) and reggae on the planet.  OuterSound lights it up with The Creepshow, The Aggrolites, The Resignators, The Dreadnoughts and The Brains.  Buckle up kids… OuterSound is back and better than ever!

– Drago

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It's Official…Rude City Riot signs with Stomp Records

Congratulations are most certainly in order for Rude City Riot who will be celebrating the release of their newest CD on June 6th at The Media Club in Vancouver, BC…but wait there’s more!  Nothing But Time is not only RCR’s first full-length disc it is also the first of 2-record with Stomp Records!  Yup.  No joke.   Needless to say, your friends at Froglix are big fans of both RCR and Stomp and are thrilled, intrigued and delighted at the possibilities that this collaboration can bring.  As for the album, while we cannot reveal our sources, we have been given a sneak preview of several tracks that will be and included…and it’s good.  Check that…damn good.  RCR throws down their patented version of power ska and tosses in a few surprises for good measure.  Ska fans rejoice…it’s almost here!

– Drago

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Let the face melting begin…

artist: Toykult
album: Narcisstika
genre: electronica | alternative | rock
label: unsigned

listen now: Eyes of Vin Diesel :: Super Cleaner

It’s unclear when Montreal’s Tom Hamlyn lost his mind.  One could hazard a guess that it happened while he was back in his native England studying art in Birmingham but no one really knows and I doubt we’ll ever find out for sure.  However, I, for one, am just glad he did for had he not we may never have had the chance to experience his brainchild, better known as Toykult.  This latest release, 2010’s Narcisstika, delivers pulsating electronica coupled with stellar alt-rock underpinnings and a healthy dose of of bottomless bass thrown in for good measure and, in all the right places, I might add.  Notable tracks include “Eyes of Vin Diesel”, “Super Cleaner” and “Automatic Addict” (video above) but all are deserving of a listen.

**This just in…for a limited time you can download NARCISSTIKA and Toykult’s previous release, SOW LOCO, for free (160kbps) just for subscribing to the mailing list.  Here’s the link…!**

– Drago