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The Forecast is Good…And How!

genre: electronica | inde pop
label: ripe fruit music

Weather Pending

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Complicated Two :: Midlands :: Perfect Weather

The Bay area’s Weather Pending glides into the broadcast on the wings of their debut, full-length disc.  And How!  pulls together (10) lovely tracks of inventive indie-pop that ooze organic originality from every pore.  Jazz, alternative, soul and electronica collide beautifully as Rob Cross masterfully lays down an unshakable foundation of bass and beats that give their music a noticeable bounce.  Next, Brian Bloi adds a sprinkling of guitar work that pulls in smooth jazz phrasing and couples it with an unmistakable alternative vibe.  The final ingredient…the enchanting vox of Janie Oliver.  Listening to her warm tones and smooth, almost effortless, delivery gives me the warm fuzzies.  Funny, I had the same kind of feeling the first time I heard Sade.  Talented musicians with an honest, unmistakable and wonderfully original sound.  Thumbs up!

– Drago

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West Coast and the Hawk

The Autonomous Region from San Francisco, CA makes their Froglix debut with tracks from their 2008 release Forbidden City. Rock, blues and jazz all coalesce to create an eclectic sound with an unmistakable West Coast vibe.  We’ve selected a couple of tracks that shine a light on the band’s soulful side for the broadcast.  Make no mistake, they can lay down the dirt and rock out with the best of them but for our money “Took My Breath Away” and “What Can I Do for You” are the jazziest grooves on the album and have quickly become our faves.   We think you’ll dig ‘em too!

From the West Coast we travel back east on the wings of a hawk…Andy Hawk and the Train Wreck Endings to be exact.  I was recently introduced to this talented songwriter and musician just a few short weeks ago via a mutual friend who had been bugging me incessantly to check out his music.  Apparently, Andy had sent Froglix a bevy of mp3’s for us to listen to back in July…unbeknownst to us as we had a slight problem with our email and didn’t receive them until just recently (sorry ‘bout that Andy!).  Our email challenges remedied, we quickly began combing through and listening to all of the great music that Andy had sent us.   Thinning the herd to select a few songs for the broadcast was indeed a chore but we have pulled out some gems that we think will give our listeners a true sense of what the Hawk is all about–great song writing, excellent music and meaningful lyrics.  We are jacked to be featuring songs from of some Andy’s (2) most recent albums Tin Can Town and Here It Is. With a style that is reminiscent of Petty and Dylan, Hawk delivers an original sound that is a true American classic.