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Black Heart Vacancy

artist: Black Heart Vacancy | genre: alt-rock, punk | label: Baked Fresh Records

From their latest EP on Baked Fresh Records, LA’s Black Heart Vacancy sticks one right between the eyes with “Man Overboard.” I dig the melodic edginess these cats are throwing down.  Yuppies beware…I’m pretty sure BHV is sending you a message here that is loud and clear!


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A Cool Groove from LA

artist: Glacier Hiking
genre: electronica | alternative | rock
label: unsigned

Contrary to the label above, neither this song nor this video are “new”.  It’s actually about 1 year old, near as I can tell.  However, it is new to me and I must say I have taken quite a fancy to this band from LA.  You can hear their latest release, The Color By Number EP, via their MySpace page as well as on iTunes.

– Drago

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From No Coast To The West Coast

genre: alternative | rock
label: unsigned

listen now

It took quite a bit of courage for Jason Napier and Dony West, the founding members of Sink To See, to leave the familiar surroundings of Columbus, OH for the bright city lights of Los Angeles.  However, that is exactly what they did.  Shortly after arriving in the City of Angels, they were introduced to bassist Shawn Bathe and later, the last piece of the puzzle, drummer Josh Chilton.  With line-up in tact, S2S began writing and performing their own special blend of indie/alternative rock which comes equipped with plenty of punk undertones.  The fullness of the guitars, further enhanced by the richness of the rhythm section, carries with it a certain melodic intensity that meshes well with a vocal performance of equal fervor.   You can hear S2S on Froglix as they join the broadcast with  (3) tracks from their latest CD entitled 2012.  You can also check out their video for the title track (among others) on their YouTube channel by clicking here.

– Drago