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Moovalya :: Old School Punk with a New Found Flair

listen now:
First Degree :: Hail to the Hearts

Now is the time to rejoice my fellow stage divers of old because your friends at Froglix have uncovered further proof that punk is not dead…it’s just been hiding. But Drago, whatever do you mean? Well, it’s like this. Much of what big corporate radio and the majors have been force feeding us over the last decade has merely been mindless dribble masquerading as punk. There it is…I said it.

Remember when punk was…well punk? That, my friends, is the feeling one gets when listening to Moovalya. This power trio from Phoenix, namely Benjamin Jones (vox/guitar), Sean Stroud (bass/vox) and Mitch Hosier (drums), is laying down a vibe that is fast, furious and full of that old school punk angst that rings true for so many. They have an explosive sound that will have you longing for an old school thrash straight from the jump. (For anyone under 30, thrash = mosh pit).

Their most recent studio release, an EP entitled First Degree (also the name of the title track), is available via their website and at $7…it’s a steal! Raucous, rebellious and ripe with raw emotion….get it, play it, dig it.

– Drago