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Enter Twisterbait and Their Cyclone of Sound

Label: xacca sounds
Genre: electro-rock

I Spy, the latest release from London’s Twisterbait is out now on the Xacca Sounds label and showcases sundry sounds that pull from countless influences ranging from Frank Zappa to the Prodigy.  While the tracks on this disc are connected Twisterbaitvia a string of common of congruency, one definitely cannot apply the “heard one, heard them all” generalization with these blokes.  Quite the contrary.  If nothing else,  Twisterbait is wonderfully unpredictable.  When I first heard the track ‘Dead Man’ (video above), the muddy guitars mixed with a groovy back beat made me think of Soundgarden meets Beck.  However, the next song, ‘Get On Our Bus’, through me for a bit of a loop as it takes the same baseline sound and then fuses  it with some 70’s funk undertones.  Very cool.  Take Twisterbait to the third power and what you get is the title track to the album, ‘I Spy’, with much more of an electro/industrial feel and just a sprinkling of Pink Floyd’ sonic experimentation.  Twisterbait’s latest disc pushes the envelope and bravely explores areas of sound where the mainstream clones fear to tread.