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New Bands, New Tunes

Blair Lott_playingStraight from the ATL, the Blair Lott Band joins the broadcast with “All But the Rain” from their 6-track EP Midnight (Set for Tea).  Listeners will most certainly dig Lott’s rich baritone set to a lively indie rock arrangement.
Attack Ships On Fire_playing
Hang on to your seats boys and girls…this ride could get a little bumpy.  You will definitely want to take a listen to the punk rock stylings of Portland, Oregon’s Attack Ships On Fire.  Apparently, they are taking the advice of their therapist and channeling their pent up aggression into a more constructive outlet.  Fortunately, for the Froglix faithful, they chose music therapy versus finger painting!  “Don’t Look Down”, from their full-length CD entitled Punches Are Free, rocks out loud from the first power chord to the last.
Blair Lott Band :: All But The Rain
Attack Ships On Fire :: Don’t Look Down