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Jump Back :: The Week in Review

Patrons of Punk re-embraced a re-post of an article written a few weeks back…before the meltdown…about a band from Phoenix called Moovalya. I felt a bit bad as it was our technical difficulties that caused the article to disappear for a bit. More post-hardcore punk followed on Tuesday  with Thurdeen’s review of Sleep City’s debut EP entitled Still Breathing.  News of The Joy Formidable’s Spring Tour landed on the front page mid-week as the band begins final preparations to support their debut album entitled The Big Roar which is due to drop early next week…March 14th to be exact.  We also got some good news out of the Criminal Records camp when we learned that The Exits were, in fact, still very much alive and heading back into the studio to record some new stuff. I’m not sure who pissed Thurdeen off this week but it’s clear that he has been dialing up the punk to get in touch with his inner angry child. The theme continues with his review of Kesshin, a french al-rock/punk band from France whose new EP entitled For Too Long Now has us all quite smitten. The music of Byzanite closes out the week for us as we learn that chiptune is not actually created by chipmunks (sorry Alvin) but by a step-sequencer hooked up to a GameBoy. What? Exactly. But ’tis good my friends so check it out.

– Drago

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Let the face melting begin…

artist: Toykult
album: Narcisstika
genre: electronica | alternative | rock
label: unsigned

listen now: Eyes of Vin Diesel :: Super Cleaner

It’s unclear when Montreal’s Tom Hamlyn lost his mind.  One could hazard a guess that it happened while he was back in his native England studying art in Birmingham but no one really knows and I doubt we’ll ever find out for sure.  However, I, for one, am just glad he did for had he not we may never have had the chance to experience his brainchild, better known as Toykult.  This latest release, 2010’s Narcisstika, delivers pulsating electronica coupled with stellar alt-rock underpinnings and a healthy dose of of bottomless bass thrown in for good measure and, in all the right places, I might add.  Notable tracks include “Eyes of Vin Diesel”, “Super Cleaner” and “Automatic Addict” (video above) but all are deserving of a listen.

**This just in…for a limited time you can download NARCISSTIKA and Toykult’s previous release, SOW LOCO, for free (160kbps) just for subscribing to the mailing list.  Here’s the link…!**

– Drago

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Superstitious Puppets = ATL's AnimalFilter


Ever wonder what would happen if you crossed genes from Stevie Wonder with those of Trent Reznor?  No? Just me?  Here’s the rub…You take (2) quintessential icons down into the basement of a secret government lab, extract DNA from them, mix it all up in a beaker and what would you get?  Atlanta’s AnimalFilter.  More specifically, you would get AF doing a phenomenal version of Lil Stevie’s “Superstition”.  Simply one of the best covers ever.  It’s funkified ferocity.  In fact, that is how I would describe their debut album The Puppet.  Now, to be honest I’ve only heard a couple of tracks (hint hint to AnimalFilter to send more music…stat!) but you would be hard pressed to find a band with more intensity.  If we could just harness the heart pounding pulse and electric energy these cats put out you could power up their hometown of Hotlanta for decades.  AF = AnimalFilter = Alternate form of Energy.  Alert the media…wait…we are the media.  Alert noted! 

– Drago

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Lunatics and Freaks

CrimsonFaced_playing The whacked-out rollercoaster ride that is CrimsonFaced rumbles its way into the broadcast with tracks from Captain Freak and Lunatic Binge.  Mike Trapp, the magic behind the mayhem, has definitely got a screw loose…but that’s ok because genius is often times confused with madness and Trapp offers up a little of both with these (2) discs.  The end result translates into a stunning mosaic of sound that lies somewhere between Trent Reznor and Bob Mould with just a dash of Ozzy.  That’s right…I said it.  Trent, Bob and the Ozman. 
“Blameless” is a tune that’s fierce but not ferocious.  It’s intense but not over the top.  It’s just right.  On the flipside, “Sublime” is an engaging track that dances beautifully between the melodic and the harmonic all the while barely clinging to sanity.  From hard driving industrial rock to more of a laid back electronica style, CrimsonFaced lays down an interesting mix that is sure to strike a positive chord with the Froglix faithful.  Check it out!