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Just In Time for the Weekend – OuterSound

OuterSound podcast
Yes indeedy! After a brief (and quite productive) hiatus Froglix is back with a brand new installment of OuterSound. Experience true indie music at it’s finest! In this episode we are featuring tracks (in order of appearance) from The Skylife (Vancouver, CAN), Blair Lott Band (Atlanta, GA), Killer Godzilla (Newcastle, GBR), Diversifyd (San Marcos, CA), Variety Workshop (Tampa, FL), Weather Pending (San Francisco, CA), Tieweb (Arlington, VA), Auresia (Montreal, CAN), Kirsten DeHaan (Woodstock, NY) and Attack Ships on Fire (Portland, OR).

OuterSound – March 2010

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The Forecast is Good…And How!

genre: electronica | inde pop
label: ripe fruit music

Weather Pending

listen now…
Complicated Two :: Midlands :: Perfect Weather

The Bay area’s Weather Pending glides into the broadcast on the wings of their debut, full-length disc.  And How!  pulls together (10) lovely tracks of inventive indie-pop that ooze organic originality from every pore.  Jazz, alternative, soul and electronica collide beautifully as Rob Cross masterfully lays down an unshakable foundation of bass and beats that give their music a noticeable bounce.  Next, Brian Bloi adds a sprinkling of guitar work that pulls in smooth jazz phrasing and couples it with an unmistakable alternative vibe.  The final ingredient…the enchanting vox of Janie Oliver.  Listening to her warm tones and smooth, almost effortless, delivery gives me the warm fuzzies.  Funny, I had the same kind of feeling the first time I heard Sade.  Talented musicians with an honest, unmistakable and wonderfully original sound.  Thumbs up!

– Drago