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OuterSound :: November 2009

OuterSound Indie Music Podcast

Check out the November edition of the OuterSound Indie Music Podcast.  You can play/download it here or check us out on iTunes.  In this month’s episode, we are featuring tracks from:

Everything Zen
Hand Painted Swinger
Oliver Benjamin Thayer
Vinny Piana

OuterSound (November 2009)
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Alternative/Indie Pop from the UK: Vinny Piana

Label: unsigned
Genre: indie pop

The latest EP from British singer-songwriter Vinny Piana entitled Love Is Your Fear is an intriguing blend of acoustic guitars, strings, keys, rhythms and vocals that are rich in character, tone and originality.  In “You’re Everything” Piana takes a simple yet solid bassline and brilliantly builds an entire song around it.  The addition of  colourful guitars and fairy dust keys gives the track a certain Cure-like quality that is simply hypnotic.  “Beg Me To Forgive” has a bit of a bouncier cadence as does the title track, “Love Is Your Fear” which also leans a little more to the edgier side.  Falling somewhere in between is “All I Wanted” with a heart-beat like rhythm, sparkling keys and melancholy lyrics.  Vinny Piana takes the ever popular indie pop sound and mixes in just the right amount of old school alternative and delivers an engaging hybrid that is truly unique and remarkably memorable.