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OuterSound :: November 2009

OuterSound Indie Music Podcast

Check out the November edition of the OuterSound Indie Music Podcast.  You can play/download it here or check us out on iTunes.  In this month’s episode, we are featuring tracks from:

Everything Zen
Hand Painted Swinger
Oliver Benjamin Thayer
Vinny Piana

OuterSound (November 2009)
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alternative featured artists folk funk Oliver Benjamin Thayer reviews Taichung Taiwan unsigned

Alternative Folk Funk From the Far East

Genre: Alternative | Folk | Funk
Label: unsigned

Oliver Benjamin Thayer_blog

Oliver Benjamin Thayer is an interesting cat who puts out some interesting music.  Now a resident of Taichung, Taiwan, this international bard was originally born in Tulsa, Oklahoma but wasn’t there long before going on an extended family walk-about that included visits to Turkey, Israel, The Czech Republic and Italy, among other places.  When you couple the myriad of experiences gained through his extensive travels with his diverse mix of musical influences that include hip hop, funk, folk and country/western what you get is a smooth sound that brilliantly encapsulates personal Oliver’s journey that has literally taken him there and back again.  With his most recent CD, 12 Women, this talented singer-songwriter lays down some groovy tracks that brilliantly blend the aforementioned genres into one, unified sound that should appeal to both fans of the urban music scene as well as indie aficionados.