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OuterSound is Here

OuterSound Indie Music PodcastYour friends at Froglix are pleased to announce that the inaugural episode of the OuterSound Indie Music podcast is available for download! Every month we will be compiling a “highlight reel”, of sorts, showcasing (10) tracks of new music from global artists currently in rotation on Froglix Radio.  So why a podcast you may ask?  Well, our main goal was a simple one.  To provide listeners with  on-demand/on the go access to the best indie music on the planet.
This month’s offering includes musical contributions from The Treading Lemmings, Part One Tribe, Raya Nova and Holloe from the US as well as Cellarscape (UK), Artsy Pop (France)Leek and the Bouncing Uptones (South Africa)Smart Artists (Australia) and Cashbook Clique (Jamaica).
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Fortune Smiles on Small Towns & Big Sounds

Less than an hour’s drive from Pennsylvania’s state capital of Harrisburg is the quaint hamlet of Mifflintown. Ever heard of it? Neither had we. Not surprising. The total population, according to the last census, numbered less than 1000 people. While Mifflintown may be small town, it’s home to an alternative/acoustic rock band with a big, big sound. The duo of Billy Stoner (Vocals/Acoustic Guitars) and Lew Borhman (Acoustic Guitar/Bass) formed Holloe in the latter part of 2006 with intent of writing and performing original music. They have succeeded. Breaking Down, their debut CD released in April 2009, is a fantastic example of acoustic rock done right–think Fuel meets Days of the New with just a dash of a Lowen & Navaro. Holloe’s music is honest, full of heart, and exhibits a certain earthiness that will ring true with acoustic rock lovers everywhere. The tracks “I Don’t Care” and “Lean” are our pix for the best songs on the album and we are elated to be including them as part of Froglix Radio’s global broadcast.
Louisiana singer/songwriter Francesca joins the broadcast with select tracks from her 2nd studio offering entitled Retune Your Fortune. This disc features (12) tracks of original music that dances between country/western, jazz, and alternative rock. The musicianship on this disc is excellent as musician/producer Buzz Beano mixes mellow acoustic guitars with sitars, saxophones, and strings changing the dynamics of each song so that they are strong enough to stand on their own and yet still work well together. Francesca’s strong vocals and insightful lyrics compliment her song writing which has continued to mature and develop very well with this, her 2nd full length CD.
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