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Gumshen :: What You Make It

artist: Gumshen
genre: alternative, indie-pop, rock
label: unsigned
listen now:
Not Every One Of Us
I Know You Girl

I first heard of Gumshen while working with “another network,” as they say, and was so impressed that I felt compelled to include select tracks from their previous album, Super Buffet, as part of our global broadcast here at Froglix when we launched nearly (2) years ago.  Fast forward to today and the always entertaining indie rockers with the energetic sound from Seattle are back in the mix with a new studio release that, quite possibly, could be best work yet.  Naturally, this what one hopes for as an artist and musician…to get better, to progress, to improve and all the while exploring new areas of sound and it is quite clear that Ron Hippe, Jan Ciganik, Dennis McCoy and Rich Hinklin are doing just that.  This latest EP not only demonstrates their growth as individual musicians but as a band as well.  After all, the sum is only as good as its individual parts and with Gumshen the sum is good…that should tell you everything you need to know.

– Drago