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Lunatics and Freaks

CrimsonFaced_playing The whacked-out rollercoaster ride that is CrimsonFaced rumbles its way into the broadcast with tracks from Captain Freak and Lunatic Binge.  Mike Trapp, the magic behind the mayhem, has definitely got a screw loose…but that’s ok because genius is often times confused with madness and Trapp offers up a little of both with these (2) discs.  The end result translates into a stunning mosaic of sound that lies somewhere between Trent Reznor and Bob Mould with just a dash of Ozzy.  That’s right…I said it.  Trent, Bob and the Ozman. 
“Blameless” is a tune that’s fierce but not ferocious.  It’s intense but not over the top.  It’s just right.  On the flipside, “Sublime” is an engaging track that dances beautifully between the melodic and the harmonic all the while barely clinging to sanity.  From hard driving industrial rock to more of a laid back electronica style, CrimsonFaced lays down an interesting mix that is sure to strike a positive chord with the Froglix faithful.  Check it out!