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  • Capelle Crossing the Pond

    Britain’s Capelle will be crossing the Atlantic in 2011 for their first North American tour and not only will the lads be jamming their way across the fruited plains but they’ll also be recording the entire trip for a TV series!  Wanna get Capelle to play for you?  No problem…just get a couple hundred of…

  • OuterSound :: November 2009

    Check out the November episode of the OuterSound Indie Music Podcast.

  • London's Capelle and Their Cool Vibe

    genre: electro | alt-rock label: unsigned What happens when a classic 60’s/70’s vibe collides with indie-alt-rock?  Capelle happens.  These blokes from London beautifully mix hard rock guitars with urban beats and vibrant vocals. The result is a brilliant new disc entitled Money Now, Money How, Money When.  One of the things that we are constantly on the…