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Capelle Crossing the Pond

Britain’s Capelle will be crossing the Atlantic in 2011 for their first North American tour and not only will the lads be jamming their way across the fruited plains but they’ll also be recording the entire trip for a TV series!  Wanna get Capelle to play for you?  No problem…just get a couple hundred of your closest friends together and they’d be happy to oblige!  For more info be sure to visit them on the web at and if they are playing anywhere near your town you’ll definitely want to check them out!

– Drago

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OuterSound :: November 2009

OuterSound Indie Music Podcast

Check out the November edition of the OuterSound Indie Music Podcast.  You can play/download it here or check us out on iTunes.  In this month’s episode, we are featuring tracks from:

Everything Zen
Hand Painted Swinger
Oliver Benjamin Thayer
Vinny Piana

OuterSound (November 2009)
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alt-rock Capelle electro England featured artists London reviews United Kingdom unsigned videos

London's Capelle and Their Cool Vibe

genre: electro | alt-rock
label: unsigned

CapelleWhat happens when a classic 60’s/70’s vibe collides with indie-alt-rock?  Capelle happens.  These blokes from London beautifully mix hard rock guitars with urban beats and vibrant vocals. The result is a brilliant new disc entitled Money Now, Money How, Money When.  One of the things that we are constantly on the look out for here at Froglix is the “it” factor.  However, the “it” factor can be different things to different people.  For us, it’s talented musicians with a truly unique sound that can translate equally well both in studio and on stage.  Nic Capelle (lead vocals) and his compadres (Fotis – lead guitar, Quinton – bass, Kris – drums, and Sven – backing vocals and keys) really do pull “it” off smashingly well.  In addition to the teaser video above, we have included (2) additional tracks to the global broadcast. While we really dig Capelle, we’d much rather hear what you think.


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