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Just In Time for the Weekend – OuterSound

OuterSound podcast
Yes indeedy! After a brief (and quite productive) hiatus Froglix is back with a brand new installment of OuterSound. Experience true indie music at it’s finest! In this episode we are featuring tracks (in order of appearance) from The Skylife (Vancouver, CAN), Blair Lott Band (Atlanta, GA), Killer Godzilla (Newcastle, GBR), Diversifyd (San Marcos, CA), Variety Workshop (Tampa, FL), Weather Pending (San Francisco, CA), Tieweb (Arlington, VA), Auresia (Montreal, CAN), Kirsten DeHaan (Woodstock, NY) and Attack Ships on Fire (Portland, OR).

OuterSound – March 2010

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New Bands, New Tunes

Blair Lott_playingStraight from the ATL, the Blair Lott Band joins the broadcast with “All But the Rain” from their 6-track EP Midnight (Set for Tea).  Listeners will most certainly dig Lott’s rich baritone set to a lively indie rock arrangement.
Attack Ships On Fire_playing
Hang on to your seats boys and girls…this ride could get a little bumpy.  You will definitely want to take a listen to the punk rock stylings of Portland, Oregon’s Attack Ships On Fire.  Apparently, they are taking the advice of their therapist and channeling their pent up aggression into a more constructive outlet.  Fortunately, for the Froglix faithful, they chose music therapy versus finger painting!  “Don’t Look Down”, from their full-length CD entitled Punches Are Free, rocks out loud from the first power chord to the last.
Blair Lott Band :: All But The Rain
Attack Ships On Fire :: Don’t Look Down