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Drago's Morning Drive

En route back to the salt mines this morning, the Fates of Music bestowed upon me the following in random fashion: Anthrax with Public Enemy, Iron Maiden, Catherine Wheel, Staind, The Bravery, Julian Cope, The Suicide Machines, Jane’s Addiction, Miss Geo and the Metrics, Almost Astronauts, High Ceilings and this band…Clap Your Hands and Say Yeah.

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Better Late Than Never…OuterSound for October

listen now :: OuterSound :: October 2010

This new episode of OuterSound is a sound explosion of punk, funk, reggae and rock from a bevy of worldwide indie artists.  Check out new music from:

Treading Lemmings
Miss Geo
Almost Astronauts
Attention Thieves
The Naddicks
Lady Saw
Jaime McDonald

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Iron City Astronauts

artist: Almost Astronauts | genre: alternative, rock | label: unsigned

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Dry Erase
New Mexico

Tucked away in the bubbling metropolis that is Pittsburgh, PA lies a hidden haven of indie music.  As unlikely as it might seem, ’tis the truth my friends.  I have seen it with me own eyes.  Granted it was sometime ago back in the day when bands like Dharma Sons and Nixon Clocks ruled the South Side.  However, after hearing Defying Gravity from Almost Astronauts it is easy to see, or rather hear, that independent/original music is still very much alive and well in The ‘Burgh.

Jeremy Gray (guitar/vox), Dave Peters (keys), Chris Gibbs (drums) and Craig Morrison (bass guitar) tap into an energetic, alt-rock vibe that is unmistakably indie en route to a vibrant sound delivered with flawless precision and alive with honest emotion.
The stage for “Dry Erase,” is set by a pulsating piano intro that gives way to a well orchestrated track complete with dramatic highs and melancholy lows.  Gray’s guitar work on “New Mexico” effortlessly combines strategic subtlety with a powerful expressive element complimenting the vocals perfectly.  The edginess of   “Frustrated” shows off the bands grittier side while “A Perfect Past” is a bit more ballad-like further evidence their range.
Now if yins ever find yourself in “Stiller” country, I highly recommend goin’ don teh Primanti Brothers for a sandwich and checking out AA if they’re in tahn.