As If It's Grimus

artist: Grimus | album: Egretta: As If It's Real | genre: alternative | label: SpaceRay Music

Grimus - Egretta - As If It's Real

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I had been anxiously awaiting the new full-fledged album from the Romanian alternative rock outfit Grimus, and so I was very excited when I was sent a preview of it a few weeks ago. Egretta: As If It's Real turns out to be a complete body of work showcasing the full range of talent from this Transylvanian six-piece. It’s worldwide release is still a few more weeks away so I’ll be sure to remind you when you can get it for yourself. You can also check out three (3) tracks off the album (“Started” review, “Face The Light” review, “Vanity” post) we have already featured on Froglix Radio. But I want to focus now on the stand-out tracks we hadn’t heard yet.

From the very first track, “Cave” delivers everything I’ve come to expect from Grimus. Pulsing guitar, driving drum beats, simple but solid melodies with perfectly subtle harmonies. It’s a perfect introduction to what this band is all about. And I was so pleased that the first track was just as solid as all their previously released singles. It’s not an album of their hits mixed with fodder. This was a sign to me that the whole album would be worth listening to. And I wasn’t disapponted.
Grimus – Cave (clip)

Grimus continues to impress me with tracks like “Nature Falls”. A poetic bent on lyrics are all too often missing from popular music and is always greatly appreciated by yours truly. The start of this song paints such a vivid picture of our universal desire to be free; and I can’t do it justice by recounting it here so you’ll have to take a listen for yourself. Then after the scene is set, the harmonies drive it in, internalizing that yearning personally for me. This is easily one of my favorite tracks on the album.
Grimus – Nature Falls (clip)

The track “Egretta” takes on a bit of a different mood from Grimus’ other singles. One thing I love about Grimus is the feeling of angst they can deliver without falling into the typical “emo” clichés. The title track brings a calmer angst making it feel all the more heartfelt. The lyrics “…all I was trying to say to you…” feel sincere. Indeed, all Grimus is trying to say to us in this album feels sincere. For me, this is one of the must-have albums of the year.
Grimus – Egretta (clip)

– DMitch