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That's the Story…

artist: Miss Geo & The Metrics
genre: indie pop, electronic
album: The Story
label: unsigned
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Snake Soiree :: Hooked :: The Story

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2009’s The Story by Miss Geo & The Metrics is DIY done right.  Eight (8) long months of recording in basements and, apparently, warehouses has produced an indie-pop album that holds its own against any of the overly compressed/pathologically polished drones force fed to the masses by corporate radio…that’s a good thing, in case you were wondering :-).  The indie-pop hooks in songs like “Snake Soiree” (my personal fav) are catchy but not campy as Abby Gutierrez’s (aka Miss Geo) vocals create an element of warmth that surrounds imaginative lyrics sprung from a fertile mind.  The opening guitar riff in “Hooked” waxes a bit Depeche Mode-ish but from there the track takes on a life very much it’s own.  All in all, debut or not, Miss Geo and her merry maidens have put forth a strong showing with this disc and the word on their street is that they are back in the studio recording a follow up.  We’re not sure exactly when it’s scheduled to drop but we expect/hope it will before 2010 is in the history books.

– Drago

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Crocodile Rocks

artist: Damn Vandals | genre: alternative, rock | label: unsigned

Froglix originally reviewed/introduced Britain’s Damn Vandals back in May and were stoked when guitarist Frank Pick recently sent us this music video for “Crocodile Song” as their vids are always interesting and unique…just like their music.  This is no cookie-cutter indie/alt-rock band my friends.  Take a gander and you’ll see/hear for yourself that these cats are a breed all their own.  Cool song,  creative video and…of course…we dig the Deniro reference.

– Drago

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Iron City Astronauts

artist: Almost Astronauts | genre: alternative, rock | label: unsigned

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Dry Erase
New Mexico

Tucked away in the bubbling metropolis that is Pittsburgh, PA lies a hidden haven of indie music.  As unlikely as it might seem, ’tis the truth my friends.  I have seen it with me own eyes.  Granted it was sometime ago back in the day when bands like Dharma Sons and Nixon Clocks ruled the South Side.  However, after hearing Defying Gravity from Almost Astronauts it is easy to see, or rather hear, that independent/original music is still very much alive and well in The ‘Burgh.

Jeremy Gray (guitar/vox), Dave Peters (keys), Chris Gibbs (drums) and Craig Morrison (bass guitar) tap into an energetic, alt-rock vibe that is unmistakably indie en route to a vibrant sound delivered with flawless precision and alive with honest emotion.
The stage for “Dry Erase,” is set by a pulsating piano intro that gives way to a well orchestrated track complete with dramatic highs and melancholy lows.  Gray’s guitar work on “New Mexico” effortlessly combines strategic subtlety with a powerful expressive element complimenting the vocals perfectly.  The edginess of   “Frustrated” shows off the bands grittier side while “A Perfect Past” is a bit more ballad-like further evidence their range.
Now if yins ever find yourself in “Stiller” country, I highly recommend goin’ don teh Primanti Brothers for a sandwich and checking out AA if they’re in tahn.


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OuterSound :: August 2010

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OuterSound – August 2010

OuterSound is back in a big way with a bevy of select indie gems from around the world.  Froglix is proud to present yet another cast of phenomenal indie artists for August’s episode.  Enjoy!

Zion Judah :: Higher Consciousness
Rude City Riot :: Imposter Man
GoldRat :: The Judas Cow
Small City Calling :: Castaways
ThisOrder :: Unus
Damn Vandals :: Union Jack Boxes
Casper Jones :: Bleeding Heart
Mobile Wash Unit :: September Was Winter
Grimus :: In A Glimpse
Toykult :: Super Cleaner

– Drago

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Grimus Follow Up

artist: Grimus | genre: alternative, indie rock | label: Eden Music


Started    In A Glimpse

When I introduced Romania’s Grimus on here a few weeks ago I mentioned their upcoming single “Started”. Well, here it is. I’m excited to finally add it to the global broadcast and share it with you. Tell us what you think.

– DMitch

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Aug 10 2010 8:00P Sub89 (Opening for Does It Offend You, Yeah?) Reading, UNITED KINGDOM
Aug 13 2010 7:00P Fanfest 2010 Rosia Montana, ROMANIA
Aug 28 2010 8:00P Peninsula Festival Targu Mures, ROMANIA

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Dead Man at the Arcade

artist: The Canon Logic  |  genre: alt-rock  |  label: unsigned

Just a bit of a teaser vid from The Canon Logic’s newest release FM Arcade.  Look for a full album review from Thurdeen coming soon.  Until then…enjoy the sights and sound of “Dead Man.”

– Drago