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Breathe in the Seoul

genre: indie-pop | jazz | rock
label: Seoul Song Records

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Happy :: Weight :: Africa :: Ready

Ah…The Breathing from Seoul, Korea.  This a band that has been on our radar for a little while now and once you hear them you’ll know why. Sunny Kang (vox), Mitch Auvenshine (guitar), Andi Roselund (bass), Won Shik Lee (drums), Michael Richardson (piano), and Johnny Song (electronics) have melded their rock, pop and jazz roots and transformed them into a contemporary indie sound that is pleasing to the ears and warms the soul.  Vibrant, creative and full of divine resonance.

– Drago

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Wide a Wake in Italy

genre: rock | alternative
label: unsigned

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Freeze :: Turn the Light :: 26th of May

Before I had even heard note one from The Wake, I had a sneaking suspicion that I was going to be pleasantly surprised and, indeed, I was.  The line from their bio says it all.  “We wrote, we play, we sing”…and they, in fact, do all three and rather well at that.  The sound of The Wake continues to evolve as does their list of influences which, at the time of this writing, includes everyone from the Beatles to Tool.  What I find remarkable is that Saverio Guerrini (lead vocalist), Francesco Salvadori (lead guitar) Pietro Rotelli (rhythm guitar), Andrea Valentini (bass) and Paolo Vallini (drums) are able to pool all of these varying influences and create a unified sound that is melodic, aggressive and true.   “Freeze” and “Turn the Light” remind me a lot of edgier, early Bush, (with and Italian flair, of course), while “26th of May” is leans a bit more to the mellow side of the Rossdale repetoire.  All in all, they display great dynamics with solid phrasing and performance.  The Wake = buono.

– Drago

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From No Coast To The West Coast

genre: alternative | rock
label: unsigned

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It took quite a bit of courage for Jason Napier and Dony West, the founding members of Sink To See, to leave the familiar surroundings of Columbus, OH for the bright city lights of Los Angeles.  However, that is exactly what they did.  Shortly after arriving in the City of Angels, they were introduced to bassist Shawn Bathe and later, the last piece of the puzzle, drummer Josh Chilton.  With line-up in tact, S2S began writing and performing their own special blend of indie/alternative rock which comes equipped with plenty of punk undertones.  The fullness of the guitars, further enhanced by the richness of the rhythm section, carries with it a certain melodic intensity that meshes well with a vocal performance of equal fervor.   You can hear S2S on Froglix as they join the broadcast with  (3) tracks from their latest CD entitled 2012.  You can also check out their video for the title track (among others) on their YouTube channel by clicking here.

– Drago

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The Thumbs Up For March

The votes have been tallied and the choice of the people…err the Froglix Faithful anyway…is quite clear.  The top 10 artists as selected by the listeners for March 2010 are (insert drum roll here)…

Tenpenny Joke

The Sky Life

Everything Zen

Ring of Truth

Black Knight

Hand Painted Swinger

Killer Godzilla

Rude City Riot

The Exits

– Drago