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The Ambush Is On

genre: alt-rock | grunge
label: Sunset Records

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Black Satellite

Melbourne, Australia’s Tenpenny Joke is certainly not new to the indie-music scene as their last full-length disc, Ambush On All Sides, was released in 2007.  They are, however, new to us here at Froglix and when our friends at introduced us to their leviathan sound we just had to add them to the broadcast.  The brand of alt-rock laid down by Anthony Casey (vocals), Brian Rimmer (lead guitar/vocals), Jay Pinfold (drums), Pete Coon (guitar) and Jules Senserrick (bass) is poignant, powerful and prolific and hearkens back to the glory days of grunge when Alice In Chains, Pearl Jam, Mudhoney, etc. reigned supreme.

– Drago

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New Music From IM Munroe

label: unsigned
genre: alt-rock | indie-pop
No One Knows
Toronto’s IM Munroe are back in the mix with a new track from I Am Here, their full length disc reviewed by Froglix just a few short months ago.  ‘No One Knows’ is an indie rock/pop ballad of sorts that highlights the range of brothers Ian and Mark as musicians, complete with their signature hooks and harmonies.   We dig it…but don’t take our word for it, take a listen for yourself and let us know what you think.

– Drago

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The Shortbus Sets Sail

Alas, it’s with a heavy heart that Froglix bids adieu to California’s Long Beach Shortbus.  We were first introduced to this phenomenal band shortly after we launched by the founder of Long Beach Records, Mudd Lowther.  Mudd was kind enough to send a box full of great music from the Shortbus and other great LBR artists to include Falling Idols, Glue Factory, 3rd Alley and others, many of which are still active in the rotation.  Before playing their last show in 2007, the Shortbus (comprised of members from Sublime and the Long Beach Dub All-Stars) released (2) discs including a self-titled release in ’02 and Flying Ship of Fantasy in ’04.  The latter of which contributed several excellent tracks for our global broadcast.  While the now defunct Shortbus won’t be heard via our global broadcast moving forward, be sure to look for them in our Archive Broadcast and mp3 archives page…both are coming soon.  We wish the members of Shortbus all the best and (fingers crossed) should they ever choose re-form, we would be honoured to once again include them as part of Froglix Radio.

– Drago

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Just In Time for the Weekend – OuterSound

OuterSound podcast
Yes indeedy! After a brief (and quite productive) hiatus Froglix is back with a brand new installment of OuterSound. Experience true indie music at it’s finest! In this episode we are featuring tracks (in order of appearance) from The Skylife (Vancouver, CAN), Blair Lott Band (Atlanta, GA), Killer Godzilla (Newcastle, GBR), Diversifyd (San Marcos, CA), Variety Workshop (Tampa, FL), Weather Pending (San Francisco, CA), Tieweb (Arlington, VA), Auresia (Montreal, CAN), Kirsten DeHaan (Woodstock, NY) and Attack Ships on Fire (Portland, OR).

OuterSound – March 2010

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Prophet Z

gProphet-Zenre: dancehall | reggae
label: unsigned

Can’t Run

Brooklyn’s own Prophet-Z joins the broadcast with a track off of his latest studio effort entitled Ambition Over Laziness. “Can’t Run” couples smooth reggae melodies with dynamic dancehall rhythms that will leave listeners with good vibrations as it is well-produced, well-played and on point.  Froglix is looking forward to hearing more from this artist.

– Drago

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Mile High Kisses

genre: electro | indie | rock
label: unsigned

I Kiss You

Denver, CO’s 28-200 (twenty eight to two hundred) joins the broadcast with “I Kiss U” from their 2009 independent release Video Games & Popsicle Sticks . Mr. L (guitar, bass, vox) and Aimee (vox, drums, other) deliver an electro-indie rock gem that lies somewhere between Dido and the Cure.  Ambient, ethereal and eclectic…what’s not to like?

– Drago