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Everyone Loves a Variety

genre: ska | punk | reggae
label: VDub Records

Variety Workshop_blogPunk, ska, reggae…these are just a few of my favourite things and, as luck would have it, these are also the calling cards for the latest addition to Froglix Radio.  Variety Workshop comes to us from sunny Tampa, Florida and they bring with them an eclectic mix that incorporates a myriad of genres en route to an all-original sound explosion.   My favourite tracks are ‘Change’ which bounces back and forth between a third-wave and skate punk feel while ‘U Suck Noodles trips the light fandango with groovy reggae riddims juxtaposed against edgier guitars and rock phrasing.  (Click here and check out the live version at Youtube.)  Wanna hear more of VW’s punk side?  No worries.  Just tee up ‘Tetris Attack’ for a heavy dose of attitude a-plenty!    Come to think of it…that’s what you get with whole disc!  This is a good one my friends…check it out fo sho!

– Drago

listen now…
U Suck Noodles
Tetris Attack

upcoming shows

Mar 13 2010 11:00P
Gasoline Alley with RISE OF SATURN & MORE! *ALL AGES!* Largo, Florida
Mar 17 2010 10:00P
St. Patty’s Day/Spring Break at The Beach BAR! Clearwater Beach, Florida
Mar 27 2010 11:00P
The Dunedin Brewery!!! Dunedin, Florida
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New Bands, New Tunes

Blair Lott_playingStraight from the ATL, the Blair Lott Band joins the broadcast with “All But the Rain” from their 6-track EP Midnight (Set for Tea).  Listeners will most certainly dig Lott’s rich baritone set to a lively indie rock arrangement.
Attack Ships On Fire_playing
Hang on to your seats boys and girls…this ride could get a little bumpy.  You will definitely want to take a listen to the punk rock stylings of Portland, Oregon’s Attack Ships On Fire.  Apparently, they are taking the advice of their therapist and channeling their pent up aggression into a more constructive outlet.  Fortunately, for the Froglix faithful, they chose music therapy versus finger painting!  “Don’t Look Down”, from their full-length CD entitled Punches Are Free, rocks out loud from the first power chord to the last.
Blair Lott Band :: All But The Rain
Attack Ships On Fire :: Don’t Look Down

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Double Down on Kirsten DeHaan

genre: folk | rock
label: SirLady Records
Kirsten DeHaan
With her commanding yet earthy/folk voice, strong melodies and gift for writing incredibly honest lyrics you can’t help but like Kirsten DeHaan.  What’s even better is that all of the aforementioned elements come together perfectly on her latest album entitled Thorns On a Crown. “I’m Coming Home is a prime example of all of DeHaan’s strengths on display. The intro starts with a delicate guitar solo, plucking each audible note all the while preparing the listener for what’s coming next…potent lyrics delivered so candidly that you can actually feel her heart ache as your own personal angst percolates to the surface along with it. “Double or Nothing” is an upbeat tune that will have you tapping your foot for the whole ride and by the second chorus you’ll find yourself singing along. For sure it’s pop, but DeHaan’s voice and guitar make it the perfect antidote to the formulaic dross sung by pre-packaged female artists that is currently being offered by the “mainstream” music industry these days.  After listening to the other tracks on the album it’s apparent that everything one may have discerned about about DeHaan culminates with 1984″. Her voice (reminiscent of Stevie Nicks), guitar, bass and drums all blend beautifully together to create a compelling folk/rock sound.
Take a listen and let us know what you think.
Double or Nothing
The Night Shift

– DMitch

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The Allure of Auresia

genre: reggae
label: moon splash records

Give A Little Time
Nearly Genuine Smile
Nice Day

Energy.  It’s all around us and, while we can feel it, for something so pervasive, it is quite difficult (if not impossible) to see.  When it comes to music, derivations of the word “energy” are often called upon to describe the sound or, perhaps, the presence of a particular artist.  At the risk of sounding cliche, it is that very unseen energy exhibited by reggae artist Auresia that is captivating audiences in her home country of Canada and beyond.  Her intoxicating brand of reggae/folk fusion has already won more than a few accolades and will likely earn her quite a few more before it’s all said and done.   Intellectually honest lyrics fueled by Natalya’s enchanting voice sets the stage for an rich reggae experience second to none.  Froglix is elated to be featuring selections from her self-titled debut release as part of our global broadcast.  Take a listen and you will be too.

– Drago

upcoming shows

Feb 28 2010 9:00P Opera House Toronto, Ontario
May 20 2010 9:00P The Rainbow Ottawa, Ontario
May 22 2010 9:00P LopLops Lounge Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario
May 25 2010 12:00P Beendigan Thunderbay, Ontario
May 28 2010 9:00P McNally’s Regina
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Back In the Mix

Treading LemmingsDC’s The Treading Lemmings are back in the studio working on tracks for their upcoming full length disc due out this summer. According to Lemmings’ front man Quinn, the album Cliff Notes (working title), once released, will not disappoint and, more to the point, will make quite a favourable impression on many a discerning ear.  Having heard the Lemmings live, in the studio and on many recordings I would tend to agree with him.  Interestingly enough, the Lemmings have also started to catalogue their studio experience via a blog on their MySpace page so be sure to check it out at
Not to be out done, our friends from Canada, the grunge master generals themselves, 22nd Century are working on a follow up to their first EP Apartment 22nd Century Live!509 as well.  In addition to the new the full-length release, they are also planning a spring tour that should include a CD release show in the Big Apple sometime in mid-may.

– Drago

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Roots, Wings and the Sky Life

genre: alternative | rock | power-pop
label: unsigned


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Reflective Eyes :: Spinning Around :: Neon Stars

As one peruses the list of artists that are currently part of our global broadcast here at Froglix, it’s easy to see that our neighbors to the north are fairly well represented.  What is also readily apparent is that from the hard driving sound of 22nd Century to the groovy ska riddims of Rude City Riot, the Great White North’s indie music scene is a veritable smorgasbord of sound.  So what’s on the menu this week?  Edmonton, AB’s The Sky Life who join the broadcast with selections from their most recent disc Roots and Wings.  With this their second studio offering, Justin Carter (vox|guitar), Daniel Hooft (lead guitar), Bobby Kuhl (keys), Josh Steffen (drums) and Dwight Werbicki (bass) have channeled the collective sum of their creative talents and successfully crafted an album that is truly inspiring.  While theirs is a collage of sound it’s not without balance as the aforementioned players compliment each other quite well.  Luscious layers, memorable hooks and a solid performance add to inventive lyrics that are anything but cookie cutter and speak to that which is real for all of us.  Enjoy!

– Drago