Everyone Loves a Variety

genre: ska | punk | reggae label: VDub Records Punk, ska, reggae…these are just a few of my favourite things and, as luck would have it, these are also the calling cards for the latest addition to Froglix Radio.  Variety Workshop comes to us from sunny Tampa, Florida and they bring with them an eclectic… Continue reading Everyone Loves a Variety

New Bands, New Tunes

Straight from the ATL, the Blair Lott Band joins the broadcast with “All But the Rain” from their 6-track EP Midnight (Set for Tea).  Listeners will most certainly dig Lott’s rich baritone set to a lively indie rock arrangement. Hang on to your seats boys and girls…this ride could get a little bumpy.  You will… Continue reading New Bands, New Tunes

Double Down on Kirsten DeHaan

genre: folk | rock label: SirLady Records With her commanding yet earthy/folk voice, strong melodies and gift for writing incredibly honest lyrics you can’t help but like Kirsten DeHaan.  What’s even better is that all of the aforementioned elements come together perfectly on her latest album entitled Thorns On a Crown. “I’m Coming Home“ is… Continue reading Double Down on Kirsten DeHaan

The Allure of Auresia

genre: reggae label: moon splash records Give A Little Time Nearly Genuine Smile Nice Day Energy.  It’s all around us and, while we can feel it, for something so pervasive, it is quite difficult (if not impossible) to see.  When it comes to music, derivations of the word “energy” are often called upon to describe… Continue reading The Allure of Auresia

Back In the Mix

DC’s The Treading Lemmings are back in the studio working on tracks for their upcoming full length disc due out this summer. According to Lemmings’ front man Quinn, the album Cliff Notes (working title), once released, will not disappoint and, more to the point, will make quite a favourable impression on many a discerning ear. … Continue reading Back In the Mix

Roots, Wings and the Sky Life

genre: alternative | rock | power-pop label: unsigned listen now… Reflective Eyes :: Spinning Around :: Neon Stars As one peruses the list of artists that are currently part of our global broadcast here at Froglix, it’s easy to see that our neighbors to the north are fairly well represented.  What is also readily apparent… Continue reading Roots, Wings and the Sky Life