Take a Ride with Diversifyd

genre: reggae label: unsigned listen now… Champagne Craving :: I’ll Never Love Again :: Time To Rise From Roots to Rocksteady, Dancehall to Dub, reggae, like many genres of music, comes in a variety of flavours….and I dig them all.  Admittedly, I was a bit late to the reggae party with my first exposure not coming… Continue reading Take a Ride with Diversifyd

Froglix 2.0

We are pleased to announce the release of the latest and greatest version of Froglix Radio on the web.  Froglix Radio and Froglix…the Blog went on the air and online back in July for the sole purpose of offering listeners a true alternative to mainstream radio while providing independent/unsigned artists around the world a unique opportunity… Continue reading Froglix 2.0

The Forecast is Good…And How!

genre: electronica | inde pop label: ripe fruit music listen now… Complicated Two :: Midlands :: Perfect Weather The Bay area’s Weather Pending glides into the broadcast on the wings of their debut, full-length disc.  And How!  pulls together (10) lovely tracks of inventive indie-pop that ooze organic originality from every pore.  Jazz, alternative, soul and… Continue reading The Forecast is Good…And How!

Run For Your Lives…Killer Godzilla Debuts on Froglix

genre: rock label: unsigned Making their debut on Froglix is the “reptilian rampage” from Newcastle upon Tyne, England better known as Killer Godzilla.  These blokes offer a distinct brand of music that is sure to capture the hearts of those rock fundamentalists known to favour the guitar heavy tuneage made famous by bands such as… Continue reading Run For Your Lives…Killer Godzilla Debuts on Froglix